Modern types of chandeliers and their features

An important element of any apartment, and private housea chandelier. Products come in a wide variety, have a variety of items and decorations. Previously, they were made of very expensive materials, they were not quite cheap, so we were available only to rich people. Today, buy a chandelier can practically everyone, and the variety of types allows you to choose the most suitable product.

Modern types of chandeliers

Consider the most popular types of lighting.

Chandeliers-hangers. The composition of these structures include one orseveral lampshades, they are installed on a string, cord or chain. Often these products are bright, for the manufacture of glass is often used, sometimes plastic and fabric.

Modern types of chandeliers and their features Modern types of chandeliers and their features

These lamps are very popular. They can be manufactured in various forms and be installed in the living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and other rooms. Sometimes a suspension have the same number of fixtures, so that the room created by the original furnishings.

Ceiling chandeliers. These products will be the best solution forpremises with a small area and low ceilings. Diffusers can be made of glass or plastic, usually carried out in a regular geometric shape - a cube, a sphere and others. Ceiling particularly common feature in the hall, bath or child's room.

If we talk about the shortcomings of ceiling chandeliers, then they include some complexity bulb replacement - it necessarily need to remove the cover.

Transparency determine the ceiling light transmissionchandeliers abilities. Products can be made in various colors. Venturing on such a purchase, you need to carefully weigh all. Color affects mood - he can oppress, to excite and soothe.

Modern types of chandeliers and their features Modern types of chandeliers and their features

Classic chandelier They are the most luxurious. They are delicious and unsurpassed. Such products are expensive, but they create a special atmosphere in the room. They should be installed only in rooms with high ceilings, otherwise the product will look ridiculous. Classic chandelier presents a wide variety of models. They become a real decoration for a large and spacious room.

Modern chandeliers choice is simply amazing. Get to know their strengths and weaknesses, you will be able to choose the most suitable option.

Modern types of chandeliers and their features
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