Modern LED spotlights and their features

LED spotlights were relativelyrecently, however, they have already managed to win the position in metal halide and mercury counterparts. The devices are used for lighting of homes and different objects. In addition they are used for lighting driveways and protected areas. To illuminate the billboards and signage used colored lights.

What distinguishes LED spotlights

Lighting Devices gained its popularitydue to its high durability and reliability of a design, they offer superior protection from various influences and can be used in wet conditions. To mount products are used bracket that allows you to assign a spotlight in the desired position by means of a light beam in the desired direction. The devices are characterized by high efficiency and give a directed bright light. LED spotlights can be installed in different climate zones and at any altitude.

are the main advantages of lighting:

• various sizes;

• high efficiency;

• Increased efficiency;

• long service life (35 000 hours of continuous operation);

• instant start;

• high quality of the light flux;

• No flicker.

Scope of application of LED spotlights

Certain demand colorfloodlights. They assembled in the streets and squares for the organization of multicolor lighting. The devices allow to create lighting during exhibitions, for fountains and architectural forms. Use controller makes it possible to produce different effects svetodinamichnyh. And thanks to RGB controllers you can configure a change of light emission. Using a single management system allows you to achieve synchronicity in several lighting devices.

When choosing an appropriate model of the device is importanttake into account the intensity of use and place of installation of the product. For the lighting of private houses spotlight 50 W will be enough, but for the creation of a special landscape design need to take care of the more powerful projectors. They will get the desired lighting for large facades and architectural forms.

LED spotlights are a lot of advantages,the most important of which is the cost-effectiveness and high quality of light. They served as the wide dissemination of these lighting devices.

Modern LED spotlights and their features
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