Fixtures in stretch ceilings

Nowadays more and more popularbecome ceilings. Most often for illumination of premises with a similar kind of ceiling coatings are used built-in lights, but conventional lamps also can be successfully used in this case. However, given the characteristics of a finishing material, should be aware of some restrictions: maximum power for halogen lamps of 36 watts, while the rate in the range of 60 W incandescent bulbs.

If you spend a repair their own hands,then you must use a special stand, height adjustable. For them to be to make holes in the fabric ceiling coverings, which then attach special rings. Despite the fact that the plant itself is not something complicated, it is very important to consider all the details, because any mistake can lead to negative consequences, including damage to the stretch ceiling.

Independent mounting fixtures

Placing fixtures in stretch ceilingsIt is the most important stage of his arrangement. Shades of color ceiling coatings also play an important role. It is this will affect the number of lighting fixtures. For example, for dark shades of suspended ceilings will need more lamps than for light.

In the case of a minor amount oflamps, each of them must have sufficient power. Installing lighting, avoid significant reflections of light. And in case your suspended ceiling covered with a layer of varnish, should pay special attention to the installation of lighting fixtures.

If you want to enhance the color of white, blueyellow or ceiling, use fluorescent lamps that emit a cold white light. To give the ceiling a neutral white lamps are ideal in warm colors. Furthermore, if the varnish white ceiling, in which case the group acquires ceiling covering the walls and floor.

Installation of a stretch ceiling fixtures

When using downlights with12 V, should get a transformer with output of 11.5 V and without induction cores. If you miss this moment, the accumulated surplus heat to increase the plasticity of the stretch ceiling, and the slack.

By using powerful lamps should be rememberedthere are several options for their construction. Moreover, the gap between the glass bulb and the lamp design the plane of the ceiling directly necessary to provide not less than one centimeter. This will allow to reduce the heat transfer. To set the step-down transformers are used metal racks or lower slab plane.

Unusually beautiful ceiling creating the effect of atwinkling stars. It applies light engine having a rotary filter and a fiber optic cable in its construction. With the help of a light generator on the wire transmitted light beams (the perfect solution is 150 W metal halide lamp) to the individual lenses or special suspension, which are installed in the ceiling hole. And with the remote may not simply turn on / off lights, but also to adjust the flicker frequency, and even change color. To achieve this effect the installation of fixtures in stretch ceilings can not only settle on the surface, but also in certain sectors.

"Starry Sky", in the form of the ceiling has severaladvantages: during the day he was normal, without any whatsoever covering, and during the night can glow stretched ceiling is incredibly beautiful and very practical. There are no extra holes, it means that if necessary can easily disassemble all and then returned to his seat.

How to create the effect of "starry sky"

This effect creates a shimmering starry skythrough the use of different filters for the light source, as well as the use of the latest developments in the field of fiber-optic technologies. For this reason, the installation of a stretch ceiling is no need for wiring, all that is required - a fiber-optic cable. This technology is characterized by safety, since it ensures the complete absence of short circuits.

There are various methods for creating imitationstars. One of these involves the attachment of the yarn ends to the frame of plywood, installed between the main and our stretch ceiling. Thus, in the afternoon coating provides a smooth appearance of an ordinary ceiling. Another method consists in the removal of through holes in the ceiling, or the ends of the strands of crystal lenses. The disadvantage of this method lies in the fact that the ceiling does not look too clean in daylight.

Installation of "starry sky"

First mounted frame ceiling,made of plywood or plastic. It bore holes for the installation of optical fibers. To mark the star clusters and constellations of what may very well help an astronomical atlas. Dimensions stars and their brightness is directly dependent on the number of available yarns in each hole.

You can get the Starburst If desired,if you use a combination of LEDs and crystal lenses «Swarovski» different cut. To attach the lens is used each special rack-mount has an adjustable base. Through a hole in the ceiling connected to the counter lens. The very same hole is covered with a plastic ring.

Under another way to create a unique"Starry sky" refers to the use of special LEDs instead of stars. Connect them together using a special loop, which is connected to the electronic board. With panel includes track lighting, and changing the frequency of the LEDs flicker. These panels are able to store up to 9 different programs. The advantages of this method include the absence of noise, and the modest size of the panel itself does not require a diversion for a special place for light source installation. However, there is here and its drawbacks: it is necessary to carry out the wiring between the tension and the main ceiling, and a few diodes will play for the ceiling plane.

Luminaire in stretch ceilings willthe ability to create a special atmosphere in the room of any kind. It is important to select the method of light sources, as well as their number. The installation can be done in person or to seek help from professionals.

Fixtures in stretch ceilings
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