Fixtures in stretch ceilings

Today, the ceilings are gainingand more popular. For the lighting of the room with a look of ceiling coatings are often used built-in lights, but the traditional lamp can be found in this case its application. But due to the specific coating material is important to be aware of the restrictions: incandescent lamps maximum power of 60 W, and for halogen - 36 watts.

If you are doing repairs on their hands, thenfor the installation of luminaires use special height-adjustable stand. For them in a cloth covering the ceiling need to make holes that need to paste special rings. Although the installation itself is fairly simple, but it is important to calculate everything, because a mistake can lead to the wrong location or lighting devices, and any damage to the stretch ceiling.

Installing lighting fixtures with their own hands

Installing fixtures Stretch Ceilings It is an important step in its arrangement. The color scheme of the ceiling cover plays a significant role. That it will affect the amount of lighting: for the dark tones of suspended ceilings it is best to use a larger number of fixtures to light them may not be so much.

If the number of fixtures is not that great, theneach must have sufficient capacity. When installing fixtures try to avoid large light reflections. And if your stretch ceiling has a reflective surface lacquer, then to the installation of lighting devices must be approached with greater attention.

If you want to enhance the color of yellow, white orblue ceiling, then it is possible to use fluorescent lamps, which have a cool white color. Lamps same warm tones contribute to the creation of a neutral white color of the ceiling. In addition, if the lacquer ceiling is white, while ceiling coating will have a tint of the walls or floor.

Features installation of stretch ceiling fixtures

If you plan to use the ceilingThe 12-volt lamps, then you need to purchase transformers without induction cores with a yield of 11.5 V. If it is not taken care of, then the excess of heat will result in higher ductility and stretch ceiling sagging.

If you plan to use a large lamppower, remember that there are different options for their designs. The distance from the ceiling to the plane of the glass bulb should be at least 1 centimeter, which will reduce the heat transfer. To fix the step-down transformers used lower ceiling plane or metal rack.

It looks especially beautiful ceiling with the effecttwinkling stars. To create the light-generator is used with fiber-optic cable and rotating filter. Light generator holds by-wire light rays (a good option can be a metal halide lamp of 150 W) to the crystal pendants or individual lenses that are built into the ceiling hole. The remote control will not only turn on or off lights, but also to adjust the flicker frequency and alternate colors. Installing fixtures Stretch Ceilings to achieve the effect of "starry sky" can be performed to the entire surface, and in a separate area.

The advantages of "starry sky" are twoVariations of the ceiling: it is an ordinary day, not having any coating, and can glow at night, stretched ceiling is extraordinarily beautiful and practical. In it there is no unnecessary ports, so if the need arises fabric can be easily removed and installed in its place.

Options for creating a "starry sky"

The effect is achieved through the twinkling starsuse various filters to the light source, and the use of the latest developments of fiber-optic technology. Therefore, over the stretch ceiling does not need any electricity, all that is necessary - it is fiber-optic cable. This technology is safe, because you are not afraid of short circuits.

Imitation of stars can be achieved by different methods. The implementation of one of these strands are attached to the ends of the plywood frame, which is installed between the tension and the main ceiling. Therefore, the day view of a conventional coating has a smooth ceiling. The second way is that through the ceiling holes appear crystal lenses or the ends of the strands. But the drawback of this method is that in the daytime the ceiling looks a bit sloppy.

How to install the starry sky

First the mounting frame of the ceiling,made of plastic or plywood. It for optical filament run hole. Mark the location of the constellations and star clusters, what an indispensable aid will astronomical atlas. The value of brightness of stars and depend on the number of threads that are routed to each hole.

If you want to create a multi-beam staruse LEDs in combination with crystal lenses «Swarovski» different types of cut. For the installation of each of the lens using a special pole-holder, which has an adjustable base. Through the ceiling hole is attached to the front lens. A hole itself is reinforced with a plastic ring.

Another way to create a "starry sky"is the use of LEDs instead of stars. They are connected to each other by means of a special loop which is connected to the electronic board. Panel Sets the output of the light paths and the frequency of flickering diodes. Some panels have 9 different programs. Among the advantages of this method is the lack of noise and the need for places for the installation of the light source (the panel has the size of a remote control). However, this method of implementation of the "starry sky" there are drawbacks: between basic ceilings need to stretch the wires and diodes will protrude slightly beyond the plane of the ceiling.

Installing fixtures Stretch Ceilings It will help to create an original look at anyroom. It is important to determine the method of light sources and their number. Run the installation can be both their efforts and taking advantage of the help of professionals.

Fixtures in stretch ceilings
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