Lighting ceiling as a means of interior decoration

The invention lightbulb ushered in a new era in the development of the lamp, as an object of design and furnishings. Modern design of the interior is unthinkable without ceiling lighting. Decorative ceiling lighting lets you get the original images that give the room a feeling of comfort, to create an extraordinary space design and much more.

light Design - An indispensable element of modern projects. That depends on it, whether you want to be in the room and how you will feel themselves under the warm light lighting.

In many ways, the positive effect is achievedby light. For example, the products look better if they are sent to the cold light, and expensive ring will play in a special way, if only a narrow beam falls on a gemstone. A similar effect can be observed in your room. With illumination can be visually expand the boundaries of the ceiling, and thus the whole room. If the ceiling is too low, playing with light, you can achieve the effect of bohemian high ceiling.

Modern people are very accustomed to the old,conservative light design of the room, but the traditional chandelier or the ceiling fixedly mounted in the center of the room, floor lamps and sconces with static, once and for all selected directions of light beams do not meet modern needs in light space. The main criteria today - mobility and diversity, which can be achieved by combining the comfort of the scattered or reflected light with movable lighting accents created by bright beams directed light.

Here are some of the most popular lighting fixtures, which will help you quickly and easily make lighting their own hands.

Using spotlights in the design ceiling lighting

Spotlight - A child of the new age, the age of maximum performance and economy. However, this does not mean that Spotlights entirely made in high-tech style. Today's design idea allowed to introduce these lights in any styles. They can rotate on an axis, changing the direction of its beam, or be unturning. The latter type, by the way, are often made of glass or crystal in the form of lush colors. Main place of "habitat" spotlights - is, of course, the kitchen, but they are often used in offices.

Ceiling and Wall lights

Simplicity, clarity of lines, compactness and comfort - decals wall and ceiling luminaires. Thanks to these properties, they fit into anyinterior, even the one where chandeliers and sconces would be inappropriate. There is a belief that the lights are too old-fashioned and officious, because not suitable for a cozy home environment. This is not the case due to the diversity of colors and shapes, they can be both discreet and colorful design piece. Pleasant to the eye lighting, different soft teneobrazuyuschimi properties and uniform distribution of brightness of light reflected from the surface of walls, ceiling and floor, provide ceiling lampsin the form of a sphere or a hemisphere.

Lighting stretch ceiling

Stretch ceiling is by far thean extremely popular solution interior decoration. The first thing you would like to draw attention to is the texture of the material from which the suspended ceiling is made. If used matt white texture, such a ceiling is no different from the traditional painted ceiling and, consequently, to the lighting requirements are quite traditional. But if the texture varnish, you should know that in this ceiling, as in a mirror will reflect the light source. If the fixture is provided with several shades and lights, when placed on the false ceiling to visually double the number.

Placing lamps on the perimeter of the ceiling

Enough popular solution of creating a commonlighting is placing small ceiling lights on the upper perimeter of the room. These sources reflect light off the ceiling and give most of it back, dispersing evenly throughout the room. Reflected light makes the space more transparent, but also creates the most comfortable and uniform illumination. A similar effect can be achieved by setting several floor lamps and sconces with shades, lamp shades and reflectors, guide light in the ceiling. Quite often you can find an option in which the ceiling lights are hidden behind a special projection, placed along the walls. This technique increases the amount of visual space and emphasizes the benefit space.

Lighting ceiling as a means of interior decoration
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