Light as a modern architecture decoration

Architecture and design are not standing still. Fashion Guru constantly compete and experiment with styles, materials, shapes homes. Recently, a special popularity and recognition of acquired exterior lighting. It is elegantly decorated with not only windows, but also the facades of buildings. It has gone beyond a marketing move, as was the whole art. At night, due to the illumination of the room takes on a different appearance, noticeable from afar.

If at first this game with light applied only to the shops or to the monuments, but now it is used for country houses, companies, shopping centers, various institutions.

Lighting Design of buildings is based on:

• aesthetic beauty of the room;

• system functionality;

• energy efficiency.

Light as a modern architecture decoration Light as a modern architecture decoration

In the cities there are many light sources, such as cars lights, lights, lights from houses and others. Highlighting allows you to select a house from the general environment, to emphasize its shape and hide flaws.

Implemented architectural lighting of facadesusing different fixtures. They are solar-powered, LED, halogen, hanging, wall and many others. The client can choose the equipment, project or experts will offer their own versions.

The main secret is the ability to lightselect and highlight the desired fragments of buildings. From this is a start in choosing the method of installation (wall-mounted, suspended, in the ground), the type of lighting fixtures and lamps. Beauty beauty, but do not forget about the defense. Each design must conform to safety. For example, a spotlight mounted in exposed locations premises should be in waterproof case, and for the equipment that is attached to the land, it is necessary to take care of the ground floor. It is important to provide for the possibility of mechanical damage to the system.

Light as a modern architecture decoration Light as a modern architecture decoration

One of the most popular methods of architecturallighting fixtures is a combination of different sizes with a weak point sources of radiation. In order to implement this project in life you need to install a powerful spotlight on the adjacent premises or in the ground in the territory lightens the building and point sources of light to mount on the perimeter of the object on the rotary support. Best of all, this type of decoration for houses next to which is not enough space, or they are in public places.

Architectural lighting of the facade gives the building a new meaning and will not go unnoticed among the passers-by.

Light as a modern architecture decoration
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