LED Strip - what is it?

LED tapes represent aplastic printed circuit board, whose width 8-10mm and a thickness of 3.2 mm coated with a SMD LED. This tape is shown in the form of a bobbin stores (spools) the standard length of 5 meters.

To date, this is the LED ribbona powerful tool for designers and planners, as well as for those who have a desire to make a more refined interior, for visual extension of the space, and with all this, remove from sight the light source, leaving only the evenly distributed light. The LED backlighting of the ceiling is carried out just the same thanks to LED tape.

Energy saving. Saving 1560 UAH per year.

LED Strip - what is it? LED Strip - what is it?

It is easy to see that even the high-power LEDtapes have a much lower power consumption than the same mercury lamps, not to mention the llamas bulbs. When all at the same time you will have a much brighter glow without increasing energy costs. If we take as a basis, that an ordinary family of light oplachivet 200 USD each month, using LED lighting, power consumption reduced up to 70 UAH. The savings will be nearly 65%.

Safety of use and the absence of harmful substances. I use a diode tape, you can no longer fear for the lives of relatives and people close to you.

If you break the bulb, you or a member of your familyundergo a variety of life-threatening factors (burns, wounds, poisoning and mercury vapor is particularly dangerous). Such bulbs are much higher than the LED strips, whose operating temperature slightly above 60 °. They do not apply all sorts of chemicals, such as mercury vapor, and they simply can not be beat.

LED Strip - what is it? LED Strip - what is it?

secure emission standard "Safe Eye". LED strips are produced in compliance with the standard, which requires safe for human glow "Safe Eye". It is designed on the basis of the data revealed law: Kruithofa comfort curve, which is used as a guide for the development of artificial lighting of working and living spaces, as well as based on the latest research in the field of color adaptation of the human eye under ambient light changes.

Careful selection of the composition of the phosphor allows tapes fully comply with the safety requirements of the standard light.

Longevity: more than 10 years of service.

For quality LEDs stated deadlineOperating more than 50 000 hours, when it reaches this time, they lose only 30% brightness. If you use tape for 12 hours a day, it will last for more than 10 years.

LED Strip - what is it? LED Strip - what is it?

Creativity and Hi-tech style. I can not see the source, but the room is very light: how can this be?

Due to the fact that the LED strips areExtremely flexible, and each segment is (2.5 ~ 5 cm), the illuminated structures and forms of illumination can have all kinds of shapes. There is always an opportunity to pick up light of any color and any brightness. In consequence of this, the classical style gets a little whiff of modernity. And HI-tech, on the contrary: it will look not only modern, but also solid, getting the charm of luxury.

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LED Strip - what is it?
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