LED lamps - modern light sources

LED lamps belong to advancedgeneration lighting, different optimal operational parameters and specifications. Devices of this type are distinguished minimal power consumption compared to the traditional incandescent lamp. They will be able to serve more than 50 000 hours, which corresponds to more than 10 years of continuous operation.

Features of LED lamps

Typically, LED light bulbs are equipped with aluminum body or flask, made of a special type of plastic. With this design, the product is resistant to all kinds of external influences.

LED lighting products havehigh brightness, aesthetic appeal and a long service life. That is why this type of device used to obtain decorative effects.

LED lamps - modern light sources LED lamps - modern light sources

Strengths and weaknesses of LED lamps

Energy conservation is an important advantage,which values ​​the owners of LED lighting. According to this indicator such lamps is 5 times more cost-effective, plus they are compact. To get light output of 60 watts, the lamp power consumption should be as low as 2.5 watts.

Some types of devices are used to 100 000 hours or more. As a result, almost no lamps need replacing. In the long run the cost of their use extremely low.

LED lighting devices are characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage and various indicators of strength. This is due to the special construction of the body technology.

Lamps made based on light-emitting diodes have a high environmental safety in their composition does not contain mercury or other harmful substances to humans.

LED lamps - modern light sources LED lamps - modern light sources

An important advantage of the LED isalmost complete absence of heat. Its use is perfect for children's rooms, as well as educational institutions, in which fire and electrical safety are of great importance. LED lamps using do not give pulsations do not emit noise and other negative phenomena.

As can be seen, LED lamps have manyof merit. That is why they have won great popularity and are among the most popular to date. Acquainted with their advantages, you may decide to give preference to this equipment.

LED lamps - modern light sources
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