Fluorescent lamps and LED: a generational change

During the repair of any room, be it an office,warehouse or apartment, you should pay close attention to lighting. From it will depend on the comfortable work in the operating room, comfort and safety - in the apartment. But good lighting is associated with considerable costs to pay for electricity. To reduce the cost to pay for the electricity, you should choose energy-efficient appliances. Well proven in terms of low cost of electricity used fluorescent lamps.

Luminaires with fluorescent lamps activelyused in public places: in the car-care centers, in warehouses, educational and medical institutions, offices - anywhere where light is needed not from time to time, but permanently. The corridors and small rooms so the lighting device can be illuminated as LPO 2h36. The number 2 in this case means that a lamp uses 2 lamps of 36 watts.

There are wall lights on the ceiling: the first attached to the wall; the second - the ceiling. There are fluorescent lamps with ballast and starter, and is - e, equipped with an electronic starter.

LEDs have replaced fluorescent lamps

A kind of know-how in terms of lighting devicessteel LED lighting today. They provide the room a soft, even light enough to be productive in the office. The light from the LED lamps are not blinking, not irritating to the eyes.

Yes, the price of such lighting on the orderhigher fluorescent, but they will last longer. The LEDs use semiconductors that emit luminescence, which is able to operate for a long time and consume a lot of electricity.

On the walls and ceilings actively attachedLED lights. For example, on the ceiling type Armstrong, consisting of metal plates and profiles, attach the square shape LED lamps Armstrong. Such a lighting fixture on its communicative properties and design features perfectly compatible with the ceiling type Armstrong, providing mounting frame suspended from metal with a square-shaped cells 600x600 mm.

The cells are mounted decorative plate,forming the ceiling surface. Armstrong lamp is made in the same shape of a square and replaces one of the plates. Such a lighting device does not load the ceiling as weighs little.

Fluorescent lamps and LED: a generational change
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