How to make the lighting in the bathroom (Part 1)

Visiting the bathroom can give youa lot of fun. So, try to make it not only light, but perform illumination with the greatest comfort, to leaving the room, you do not have to squint and get used to the basic world. We will examine in detail how to make the right Lighting in the bathroom room.

Modern technologies allow the use ofvarious methods of lighting design space: using halogen-free, you can create an imitation of the sky, but you can just set a big chandelier in the center of the room.

How to get a spectacular lighting in the bathroom

Well, when the lights in the room for hygienemade in view of design of sanitary ware, which is often bought together and corresponds to a single style. So, if the premises are used in the design shiny parts, then the lighting devices have to be less visible, but it is better hidden from the eyes. If the plumbing discreet and inconspicuous, as processing facilities, then the lights should be bright.

Decorative lamps switched andoff-state may differ significantly. So, while in the bathroom light is not lit, inconspicuous light may remain in the shadows. However it is necessary to light it, and the room can be filled with color highlights, the game of shadows, shiny faces and all sorts of rays.

LED lighting in the bath room It will provide an unforgettable pleasure frommost ordinary water treatment. When choosing the type of lighting is important to make it safe, try to carefully follow the rules of working with electrical equipment. The light sources in the room needed for quality protection against ingress of moisture and grounding. When using halogen lamps in the bathroom, you can reduce the amount of electricity consumed at the same lumen output.

Embedded Power light on the ceiling

In some cases, the bathroom lightingIt uses one lamp, especially true for the small size of the premises. For a more spacious premises used several fixtures, which is achieved due to the uniformity of light distribution.

When using more lighting devices can reduce the capacity of each of them. Together with power and can reduce the size of devices.

Multi-point lighting providedminiature halogen lamps, can have a calming effect. However, the complexity may be their operating voltage - 12 volts. In this case it is necessary to use a step-down transformer, for which you need to lay out a tidy sum. It is better not to tempt cheap Chinese counterparts, believe me, as a result, they often cost an exorbitant price.

There are special halogen bulbs,which can work under the voltage of 220 volts. Halogen lamps can be embedded and open. Devices lighting embedded type involves the installation in the suspension structure, some types of such devices slam directly into the ceiling.

If you are using recessed lighting devicesluminous flux is usually sent directly to the floor. To put hygiene is not the most rational decision. Therefore point devices are used for general lighting arrangement, which can be adjusted the angle of rotation.

As you can see, the lighting in the bathroom, much depends. Correctly choose the most suitable option for you, you can turn the room cleanliness in a real spa.

How to make the lighting in the bathroom (Part 1)
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