How to set a built-in light with their hands

Since the installation of built fixtures notcomplex procedure, it can be done independently. If you want to save money on the services of experienced professionals, we must remember that this work must be carried out very carefully and slowly, especially if you are doing this for the first time.

Recessed spotlights arepopular in the design and installation of lighting for suspended ceilings. These lights allow you to create the desired ambient light indicator, and provide an attractive modern-ceiling views.

How to choose a lamp

Usually lamps destined for embeddedlamps, power range from thirty to one hundred and fifty watts. Housings such lamps can be manufactured from materials such as plastic, glass, metal or glass. Standard types of lamps are equipped with electric boxes located at a short distance from the glass bulbs, because when the lamps are fairly hot. And it should be taken into account when installing the lamps, they can not be installed near flammable items and materials. Optimally, if a period of two centimeters.

And now the design of lightinginstruments, everything is subject to you and your imagination. There is a diverse array of different sizes and configurations spotlights. Here you can find fixtures that configuration is deeply recessed into the body, as there are options for mobile luminaires and spotlights with rotary devices, which allow to ensure the direction of light streams in certain areas. When choosing this type of lighting fixtures, consider the structure and external indicators of your ceiling, and style of selected zones or rooms.


To perform the installation of recessed luminairesown hands must have a junction box and in accordance with the plan of required number of spotlights, you need to be an electrical cable (usually comes bundled with the lighting equipment).

Since the installation of fixtures we havedealing with electricity, be sure to need to have protective caps and electrical tape for wiring, need a tester. You may need to drill with a long drill and a special on a drill head for holes. Worth for these works to get pliers or a crimping pliers, screwdriver and wire cutters. Do not be redundant and safety glasses that protect your eyes from injury and damage.

Installation of built-in fixtures with their own hands

Before the installation procedure should be de-energizedpremise is that you do it and there is no current, check using a tester. Next, determine on the surface of the ceiling space, which will house lights, markings, carried out with a pencil.

Then, protect your eyes in advanceprepared glasses from dust and debris. Taking the drill, which is pre-installed on a circular nozzle doing a necessary hole in the ceiling, and the hole diameter must be matched with the diameter of the housing of our selected spot lamp. Then, summing up the electricity. To do this, the cable is pulled between the junction box and the lamp of our source of power. The cable can not be cut back to back, it is necessary to leave the stock of not less than thirty centimeters, fifty centimeters optimally. All work is done very carefully, and not to unnecessarily expand our use long hole drill.

Connection cable stretched with the existingjunction box in the luminaire is performed using forceps while removing the insulation from the ends of the cable. Produce connection wires protruding from the junction box, cable bare wires twisting them. In this follow-matched colors, white wires are connected to each other, so do with black wires. Next, these wires must be using a pliers to compress and close the special protective cap. Next, the wiring in the pack carton, then closing its cover.

In the prepared hole on the surface of the ceiling set the lamp housing. Clips, four of them usually fix our lamp design. These clips are automatically latched.

Finally it was time to perform the installation of bulbs. In the case of all bulbs are hooks or cylinder-type spring elements are simply fastened in the housing. Well, that's all the work is finished, and we can enjoy our ceiling. But the performance of our design check, connecting the electricity, and use the results of their labors. As you can see to do their repair work is not difficult, and there is nothing complicated about installing fixtures, the main thing is the correct and complete marking accurately.

How to set a built-in light with their hands
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