How to set a built-in light with their hands

Installation of built-in fixtures with their own hands It is a relatively simple process. If you want to save on the services of experts, remember that it's possible to do, but the work should be done carefully and without undue haste.

Built-in spotlights especiallypopular in the development of lighting ceilings. And they can be used to create the desired light level areas, as well as to provide a modern and stylish appearance of the ceiling.

Choose a lamp

Lamp power is in the built-in fixtures30-150 watt range. Their body is made of glass, plastic, metal or brass. The standard device has an electrical box, which is somewhat removed from the glass bulb - lamp in the process of seriously hot. Therefore, do not place the lamp in the vicinity of flammable materials, it is better that the distance is not less than 2 centimeters between them.

If we talk about the design of lighting fixtures,here everything is in your hands and depends on your imagination. Today, there are many difficult spotlights a variety of shapes and sizes. Someone like light bulbs, deeply recessed in the body, while others prefer mobile models, there are those who buy lamps with rotary device, so you can always create any orientation light. When choosing the type of device it is necessary to take into account the appearance of the ceiling and the whole room, zoning and other factors.

Required tools

that install built-in lights with his own hands you need to buy a junction box, the required number of spotlights and electric cable (most often it comes complete with lighting equipment).

As in any work with electricity, is notdispense with protective caps for wires and electrical tape, you also need to find a tester. A suitable tool will drill, long drill to drill tip serving for breaching holes, crimping tool or pliers, wire cutters and a screwdriver. Safety goggles will take care of keeping your eyes.

The installation luminaires built with his own hands

From the outset, it is necessary to de-energize the room,and the tester will help you make sure that the electricity is not available. On the ceiling of the plane defined with places fixtures location and using a pencil, follow the necessary markings.

Wear safety glasses - they will secure youreyes from construction debris and dust. Using a drill with a circular nozzle in the ceiling, do the required diameter of the hole: it must exactly match the diameter of the body of the lighting device.

Let us further electrical connector. It is necessary to stretch the cable from the junction box to the fixture of the total electricity supply. Do not cut the cord right next: leave a stock of at least 30 centimeters, and even better - 50. Work should be neat and long drill will help to avoid excessive expansion of the holes.

Connect stretched cable distributionthe lamp box. To do this, you must use pliers to remove the insulation from the end of the cable and connect the wires of the box with the wiring buffed. Twisting wires together until you get matching colors: black connect with the black and white with white. Then crimp them with a pair of pliers. Close their protective cap. All wiring should be packed in a box and close the lid.

The hole in the ceiling to install the lamp housing(Junction box should already be behind the ceiling panel). With clip lock structure (usually four). it latches automatically.

Now it is the turn to perform installation of bulbs. Each housing has fasteners (hooks or coil springs) by which it can be easily fixed in the housing.

When the work is done, we can evaluate the external appearance of the ceiling. After admiring them, connect the electricity and look at the fruits of your efforts. Perform repairs on their hands not hard at all, and installation of built fixtures in general it is an elementary matter. The main thing - do not make a mistake in the markup!

How to set a built-in light with their hands
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