How to choose a chandelier

The lighting system plays a significant rolein the formation of the comfort of the apartment. Often, for its formation using conventional ceiling chandeliers. In many respects they create a particular style of the room. Because of the chandelier in the room the desired atmosphere can be created that is conducive to rest or different activities. But to choose it is not always easy. A huge number of styles and models of devices can sometimes lead to a dead end. Let's learn how to choose a chandelier.

Points to remember when choosing a lighting device

From the outset, specify the type of bulbs thatused in the chandelier. several kinds thereof may be simultaneously installed in some models. For example, incandescent lamps have a warm and soft light, but low efficiency has led to the loss of popularity of these devices. In addition, they become very hot as a result of using plastics in the chandelier latter may simply melt. Enough rare in the chandeliers are installed halogen bulbs, the scope of their use often - it spotlights or flashlights.

When choosing a chandelier for the living room, it is important to considerpower. Total score is the sum of powers of all lighting devices which can be positioned in the product. It is best to take care when choosing a chandelier for a small reserve capacity. Manage it as you can with a standard switch or dimmer by - special relay allows you to adjust the light intensity.

To achieve high-quality lighting canmultiple light sources. For example, you can optionally buy a table lamp or floor lamp. Chandelier fixed in the center of the room on the ceiling, but next to the coffee or a desk lamp can be arranged. This solution will provide the desired level of light in a certain part of the room.

The modern market offers two types of chandeliers: Suspended ceiling. The first of these would be the optimal solution for rooms with high ceilings. But the second type is mounted directly on the surface of the ceiling.

We examined the main criteria for the choice of chandeliers. Of course, there are many more. Try to decide in advance that you would like to receive as a result, this will narrow the range of choice and not lose a lot of time searching for a suitable model. Hopefully, these tips will help purchase a chandelier that will be a real decoration of your room.

How to choose a chandelier
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