How to choose a chandelier

Today, to the selection of any element of the interiorapproach with special attention. Similarly, when buying a chandelier it is not necessary to be content with first got the goods which has liked you. Let's look at tips to help you choose a chandelier right.

These luminaires are highly versatile, and monotonous their choice can not be called. Everyone can choose the product that will be to his liking.

The types of lampshades

If you want your chandelier please you, it is importantto determine the appropriate type of the ceiling. Most common in our time got the open lights. However it is better to avoid their use in children's rooms. Their light is not protected by glass, so your child can accidentally break it while playing. The peculiarity of these chandeliers is that a certain proportion of the luminous flux is directed at the ceiling or wall.

It closed luminaires include lamps,manufactured with an open top. They may take the form of a semicircle and used in areas where there is no need for intense light exposure. These lights can be placed in the hallways. Due to head for the closed type they are suitable for bathroom equipment. If the room humidity, the choice of chandeliers is important for him to consider. Enclosed fixtures allow distribute lighting evenly.

Type of mounting

The luminaire can be suspended type. These primarily include the well-known bra. For their installation of the bracket, and have them fixed ceiling lamps and lampshades. These products are presented in a huge variety, so you can find a product that will be in harmony with the interior and meet your needs.

Ceiling luminaires Surface-type tightare pressed against the wall surface. For this special fasteners are used. These light sources are functional and modest appearance. With their help, you can arrange the room, the design of which is made in the style of hi-tech or minimalism. Products are small in size, and their shape can be oval, round or rectangular.

When choosing a chandelier it is important to consider the type of lamp used and the cartridge, the material from which it is made, and other characteristics. Give sufficient attention to this issue, you can to choose a chandelierWhich perfectly fit into the design of your room.

How to choose a chandelier
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