How to choose a chandelier for a bedroom?

High-quality lighting is the most importantbedroom design element. Light effects can significantly change the appearance of the room. For example, the floor-mounted lamps with shades raised, are able to visually increase the height of ceilings. Properly fitted ceiling chandelier can visually expand or narrow space. Bright light helps concentration and diffused and soft to create a cozy atmosphere. Light color lamps has different effects on the human body. Frequently used are the following shades:

• Yellow (has a relaxing effect, does not tire the pupil);

• Red (increases blood pressure, has a stimulating effect, it is not recommended to leave it permanently switched on):

• White (is an analogue of daylight, quickly tires the eyes);

• Green (relaxing and soothing);

• Orange (accelerates the heartbeat, increases appetite).

A suitable type and shape of chandeliers for the bedroom

From the height of the ceiling depends on type of lightingthe device that is most suitable for the room. There are hanging and ceiling versions. In the bedroom with a low ceiling, it is best to buy a modern chandelier flat shape, which is pressed against the ceiling. It occupies a small area, but it has an elegant look, making the interior a refined.

Hanging chandelier is more suitable for areas withhigh ceilings. Such models may have a different shape, curved delicate branching. These lights look elegant and refined.

Perfect style lighting for the bedroom

In the process of selecting a suitable chandelier should not beremember that it must necessarily integrate harmoniously with the interior of the room, approach the color of the furniture and wallpaper. The following style solutions are considered the most popular:

• Classic: Use metal or bronze frame, chandelier decorated with several lamps and pendants made from crystal and colored glass;

• Fusion: ceiling lamps made of pieces of glass of different colors, they are able to dilute the interior bright and original notes;

• Geometry: lamps of different shapes with frosted or colored elements made of plastic, glass and metal.

Besides the main source of lighting in the bedroomoften use additional devices. For example, a chandelier with a fabric shade will be in harmony with a floor lamp, installed near the chair. A useful addition and will be hung sconces on the wall, placed at the head of the bed.

How to choose a chandelier for a bedroom?
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