How to choose a chandelier - advice and tips

Those who decided to buy a chandelier, consistentlyfaced with a choice. Today, manufacturers produce thousands of different models, and all of them have a wide variety of shapes, capacities, number of lights and other indicators. But the chandelier is not just decoration, but its main task - to ensure the room lighting. Do not forget that the quality of light directly affects the interior, and to some extent on our mood. So, what should be taken into account when choosing a chandelier?

Choosing Preciosa chandeliers, look for thempower, which is determined by the light flux of lamps. It is also worth considering that different lamps have different efficiency, so the luminous flux of the same capacity can in fact differently illuminate the room.

Pay attention to the choice of lamps

The most common are lightsincandescent. Their warm and soft light pleasing to our eyes. Chandeliers Titania Lux, equipped with such lamps to be particularly effective in the bedrooms and living rooms. The main disadvantage of incandescent lamps is low efficiency, but it is to some extent compensated by the small price of the product. Incandescent lamps can have different shapes, be transparent or opaque. If you want soft lighting, using incandescent lamps.

How to choose a chandelier - advice and tips How to choose a chandelier - advice and tips

Another feature of the incandescent lamps is the high temperature heating. So be careful with their use in plastic chandeliers.

The chandeliers is very rare to see the use of halogen lamps. Most often they are used in a more powerful light sources such as flashlights.

High efficiency fluorescent lamps possess. Thus, the fluorescent lamp with a power of 20 W provides the same light flux as the 100-watt incandescent bulb. One of the main drawbacks is their light cold white light, which can tire the eyes. Modern fluorescent lamps are manufactured with a cap, which can be used where previously installed incandescent lamp. However, such products are much more classical lighting sources.

Select power chandeliers

The capacity of the chandelier is the sum of La Lampadacapacities of all its lights. It is not always indicated on the lamps light output, moreover, it is dependent on the volume of the space. Let's look at recommendations for incandescent lamps. To achieve approximately the same performance with the use of fluorescent lamps, can be divided power at 5.

How to choose a chandelier - advice and tips How to choose a chandelier - advice and tips

In the bathroom, you can install a chandelierpower up to 100 watts. But for the living room or hall is better to use a power of 200-300 watts of light. In the Kitchen with an average size of 150 W will be enough. If in doubt, you can get more power. By the way, it is very convenient to use switches with adjustable power. While reading, you can increase the power of light, and when watching TV - to reduce. But remember that in the case of fluorescent lamps such operations significantly reduce the duration of their use.

Preferably when choosing a chandelier immediately begin to plan the lighting, not forgettingabout the benefits of the combined light. To do this in a place where it is necessary to increase the illumination, install an extra table lamp, wall lamp or luminaire.

How to choose a chandelier - advice and tips
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