How best to install fixtures in a suspended ceiling: methods and their implementation

How best to install fixtures in suspended ceiling

The beauty of a stretch ceiling hard to dispute, it isevident. But what about the functionality? More precisely, with the arrangement of lighting. How exactly does the installation of lamps in the suspended ceiling formed is sensitive to heat and easy Damaged sharp objects PVC film? - Consider in detail the features of selection and installation of lamps in the suspended ceiling.


  • Possible mounting options
    • Mounting the unit on the hook
    • Mounting using mounting plate
    • Mounting plates with a Phillips
    • Installing spotlights

As a rule, it used two types of homeLighting: basic and lights. The main light source can be mounted luminaire: bitmap, fluorescent or LED, located on the center of the room. Recessed spotlights, and LED strip used as an additional source of light - illumination. With the stretch ceilings can be used almost any lighting, but because of the heat sensitive PVC film, there is a limit power lamps (bulbs up to 60 watts, halogen - up to 36 W). Adjustment of lighting in suspended ceiling is made on a pre-planned scheme, taking into consideration the room layout and the necessary general illumination.

Places mounting fixtures must be prepared in advance (before mounting tension ceiling) and bring to them the wiring.

Possible mounting options

When choosing a chandelier, you should not be guided byonly personal preferences, the color combinability and stylistic consonance with the rest of the fixture interior elements. First of all, it is important to comply with the following requirements:

  • chandeliers base must not be heated;
  • lamp shall be placed inside the lampshades, have a side or bottom direction.

If possible, try to avoid complex designs. It is desirable to use energy-saving lamps.

Preparation chandeliers fixing points before mounting tension ceiling depends on the design features of the mounting of a particular model. There are several ways of fixing.

Mounting the unit on the hook

The traditional way, which existed beforethe massive use of suspended ceilings, it is familiar to almost everyone, and to this day is the most reliable. The essence of the method is that the fixture is suspended on a hook or anchor the metal mounted in the floor slab during construction of another home.

It is only necessary to choose the desired length of the hook,make sure it is the strength and the corresponding level of the ceiling (the hook must be above the level of the film to between the cup chandeliers and ceiling were no visible gap).

Luminaire with mounting strap and step-down transformer

Mounting using mounting plate

In this case, a special fixture is mounted onmounting bracket (included in the complete set of chandeliers). It is necessary to make a wooden base, the height of which is determined by the level of stretch ceiling film location. This base should be firmly secured to the main ceiling with dowels and screws. For drilling dowel holes using the punch. This basis then you need to attach the mounting bracket chandeliers.

Phillips plate for mounting chandeliers

Phillips plate for mounting chandeliers fixed with screws and dowels

Mounting plates with a Phillips

In this way, it carried mount chandelierslarge size. Phillips plate is made from a piece of plywood, which are attached to the legs of steel. Feet firmly fastened to the ceiling, thanks to their flexibility can adjust the height of the plate. In the center of the plate - the hole for the wires.

Plate for fixing chandeliers

Plate for fixing chandeliers, the position of the fixture is adjusted by bending sheet metal legs

Installing spotlights

It makes sense to purchase spotlightsprior to installation of stretch ceiling in this case, it is possible to commensurate the length of spotlights with the distance between the base and ceilings (in the case of the need to install spotlights, suspended ceiling should be lower than the base not less than 6 cm). The spotlights used fluorescent, LED, halogen and incandescent lamps.

In this case, spot lights work best with additional thermal insulation or fluorescent, and LED light sources, as they are the least hot.

Installation diagram of spotlights in the suspended ceiling

Before installing the ceiling must performPreparatory work - wiring and installation of equipment and lighting. In the case of lamps 12V - to provide a place to put down transformer. In places the installation of spotlights to the base ceiling mounted special hangers on the metal plates, which makes it possible to adjust their height - the lower plane of the suspension must be placed at the level of stretch ceiling.

After the preparatory workmounted suspended ceiling, to the places where it is necessary to make a hole in the film is glued special plastic ring, when the glue is firmly "grab", the film is in the center of the ring must be carefully cut with a knife stationery. Further, through the resulting hole take out pre-routed cables and reconnect them to the lamp a special touch. This is followed by the installation of the lighting device a manner consistent with its design.

Mounting fixtures suspended ceiling requires accuracy, precision, specific knowledge and skills. Such work can be trusted only to professionals in their field.

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