Recommendations for choosing a LED strip

Designers often use LED Stripat registration of premises. This modern material allows you to emphasize certain elements in the interior. Its benefits are widespread served in the arrangement of illumination artificial reservoirs, tuning cars, decoration of shop windows and various buildings. To LED strip to fulfill its role, it must be selected correctly. Let's look at some guidelines for choosing the LED strip.

Getting to the choice

First we need to determine the colorLEDs used in the illumination device. Tapes can be cold and warm white, green, red and blue color of the glow. For white color to the blue LED coated phosphor. However, it will eventually burn out, causing the belt loses its luminosity.

Used define brightness LEDsinstrument illumination. They may have a size of 5? 5 mm or 2.8? 3.5 mm. In the first case, they use a 3 chip, and the second - 1, so their brightness varies widely.

In the lighting device affects the amountLEDs used. On the meter may go from 30 to 120 members. The higher the number, the more will have to pay for the LED strips. To perform the illumination light applied to the tape 30 and the LEDs 60, if 120 the more intense illumination, but the LED tape 240 may serve as an independent lighting.

Other selection criteria

When purchasing LED strips need to pay attention to the degree of protection against moisture and dust. All devices can be classified into the following types:

• insecure - they are often used in living rooms;

• protected by epoxy resins - they are installed in bathrooms and other rooms with high humidity;

• protected - they can be used for outdoor use because they do not allow any moisture or dust.

With the increase of the security level is increased and the cost of the luminaire.

If we talk about the power supply voltage, it is12 and 24 volts DC. Therefore, the regeneration of lighting is important to take care of the appropriate power supply. They also have varying degrees of security, and are sold in different packages.

Having reviewed the basic guidelines for choosing the LED strip, you can safely go for purchase of lighting and power supply for it.

Recommendations for choosing a LED strip
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