Fluorescent lamps - general purpose luminaires

Today, fluorescent lamps areIt is still the most common lighting fixtures used to illuminate the premises. Most often they can be seen in the corridors and various halls, office buildings, public rooms and homes. Data lighting devices especially in demand in industrial plants, on which there is no need for a high level of protection from the effects of damp and dust environment.


The appearance of fluorescent lamps and lampsgeneral purpose as wide and varied as the actual scope of their application. Lighting of various species exhibited on the shelves in many stores and in catalogs available on the respective websites. When choosing lighting is important to pay attention to the markings. In labeling the buyer first, see figure power fluorescent lamps. For example, LPO or 1h18 2h36 - the number of lamps and their capacity. Second, you can pay attention to the used base (most common marking G13). In addition, such lighting devices can be supplied with electromagnetic ballast applications. Referred to as "EmPRA" - in those cases when there is a starter or "ballasts" - with an electronic system.

other features

Also, buying a total fluorescent lampsappointments, can pay attention to the body of the lighting device. Some of them are made of polyester. Marking «SMC». In this case, polyester reinforced with fiberglass. This sheet material may comprise a resin, various fillers, reinforcements (glass fiber).

Another important point - this lensemitted light. For these purposes may be used either the above-mentioned polyester, any material made of polycarbonate. It is marked with «PC» marking. Polycarbonate differs particular high rigidity and impact resistance is quite high. It should also be noted that these beneficial properties of this material does not lose, and when the temperature changes (either decrease or increase). Noted: that if the diffuser is made of polycarbonate, folded in half and then let go, the material will razognetsya and the original location. Polycarbonate diffuser to date are quite popular in industrial applications.

Also used stirolakrilnitrilovye diffusers «SAN» or polystyrene «PS». Recent retain their benefits and features for a very long operating periods.

Fluorescent lamps - general purpose luminaires
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