Features illumination of suspended ceilings

Actually, this area requires responses tomany questions. For example: How to illuminate the ceiling? What lamps should be preferred? As the lighting effect on the visual perception of the room space? And much more.

Lighting stretch ceiling rests on some design lessons. Knowing the basic principles, you can achieve excellent results.

The impact of lighting on height

With regard to the visual perception of height, theIt should take into account some of the secrets. For example, when using narrow band illumination, was put on the perimeter of the ceiling, the ceiling will seem somewhat higher. Another frequently used option today to increase the visual height - it towards the ceiling lighting. For this purpose, light is directed from the latent fixtures, which can be arranged on the walls.

Significantly reduce the visualization of the ceiling heightcan in those cases when, firstly, the ceiling itself is made in dark colors, and, secondly, the light from lamps located thereon is directed to the wall.

Similar principles apply to the room itself. With bright lighting and the availability of materials having a higher reflectance factor can make the space appear larger than it actually is. The role of the ceiling light in this case is key, because if arrange fixtures on the ceiling, which in this case is made in glossy and bright colors, it is possible to achieve an optimal reflections of the emitted light on the walls of the room. Moreover, changing the brightness of the lamps, in fact, it will be able to produce some kind of correction of spatial perception of the room. As a result, the same room may seem, if desired, and spacious, and, if needed, rustic-compact.

The impact of lighting on the length

Lamps, which will be located on the ceilinglongitudinally order placement can extend through corresponding visual effect. Most often, this method is used in a variety of lighting residential corridor or corridors of houses. Multiples of one-dimensional lighting of the in longitudinal series, always extend any room.

A couple of secrets concerning the lighting of corridors: if brightly illuminate the wall at the end of the corridor, even a narrow space will look much wider. On the other hand, the bright ceiling light, located in the center of the corridor can significantly shorten it visually.

Features illumination of suspended ceilings
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