Ergonomic LED lamps for bathrooms

Use modern LED lampsBathroom - effective, safe, economical and prestigious. Ergonomic lighting transforms ordinary room apartment in a typical real respectable spa. For bathrooms include Gauss lamps of different types and different capacity with enhanced moisture protection.

The first LEDs were extremely costly. The optical radiation used is very limited. It seemed unreal that LEDs can be used in residential areas. Now the situation has changed dramatically: LED ergonomic devices began to replace other equipment. They are protected from moisture and water vapor, which eliminates the possibility of closure, not gathering dust, have an interesting design, perfectly combined with the finishing materials and are widely used for bathrooms.

Dimmers create soft light and givethe ability to change the level as desired. If you come out of the bathroom, forgetting to turn off the device, it switches off automatically. Reflex reflectors, creating a flow direction, will help to focus on important details of the interior. LED devices can be placed on either side of the mirror. If you shave in the morning, apply makeup or use contact lenses in your bathroom should be bright overall and directional light. Spotlights will make the interior of the bathroom a unique flavor that promotes relaxation. The design of the widely used sealed LED tape with increased moisture and dust protection. Catalog Gauss light is presented on the website.

LED energy saving lamp Gauss:

• safe for the eyes;

• have a high environmental performance;

• contain no harmful elements, including mercury, do not require disposal;

• allow you to adjust brightness, making it ideal for morning dress and evening relaxation;

• operate at low voltage, can be operated near water;

• have a low heat;

• fireproof;

• have a three-year factory warranty.

A variety of LED devices allow you to createpleasant and most economical lighting, providing significant energy savings compared with incandescent and halogen. They will make the room warm and cozy, will help to increase the space visually. Since LED lamps can operate reliably for a long time without replacement, they can be placed in the most remote and inaccessible corners.

Ergonomic LED lamps for bathrooms
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