Elegant and spectacular lighting

The variety of lightingIt allows you to create amazing interior painting, and not only at night but also during the daytime. Among the large number of species occupy a special place floor lamps. This slender and graceful beauties, which, among other things, in contrast to the chandeliers, wall lamps, table lamps are the most mobile. For connection is necessary only outlet, and they can be set at any convenient location on the floor.

Of particular interest to the design floor lamp causes themelegance, slimness and glamor. Towering on a long thin stem and ending with a beautiful canopy or shade, they provide a great opportunity to create a variety of decorative patterns.

Floor lamps: modern functionality

By modeling lighting leading manufacturers are attracted not only the most creative designers and the best engineers. Floor lamps is not an exception.

Elegant and spectacular lighting Elegant and spectacular lighting

So today, you can easily choose the traditional model with a shade on a tripod, and more functional parts:

• intended for organizations directed, reflected or scattered light;

• the mechanisms used to vary the height of the lamp;

• equipped with shelves for books or other small things;

• provide an opportunity to change the direction of the luminous flux (with turning mechanisms, flexible stand) and its intensity (in the presence of a dimmer).

Such functional characteristicsalong with the decorative qualities make floor lamps not less popular and in demand than other types of lighting. Their large range of leading European manufacturers, are actively using new technology in the manufacture of its products, it is presented in the online store. Reliable and safe floor lamps in various styles of performance - it's all available to every citizen of Ukraine, regardless of where they live. In addition, you will be given a guarantee from the manufacturers, reasonable price, consulting support and fast delivery.

Elegant and spectacular lighting Elegant and spectacular lighting

Spectacular floor lamps - opportunities for design

The interior design of floor lamps can actthe role of complement in common rooms and not much style stand out from the finish. For such purposes, choose devices neutral colors and simple shapes. More bright and saturated colors, the contrast in relation to other elements of the interior are able to make a bright lamp, and the most important focus.

Can it also act as a unifyingcomponent in the design of the room. To fill the void, add the missing spot color or shape - all this just to achieve with a suitable slim and elegant floor lamp.

Elegant and spectacular lighting
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