To organize the management of the premisesuse special lighting devices - dimmers. With the help of such elementary devices is performed adjust the brightness of light. Using dimmers will be enough to make one movement of the hand and comfortable atmosphere with dimmed lighting create an intimate atmosphere of a romantic dinner, or provide a quality light for reading or sewing.

Work these devices using the principle ofpulse-width modulation, thereby providing voltage regulation applied to the light source. The dimmer is in a state of permanent connection to the mains, but fed through a voltage to all light sources is changed by adjusting with a special pen. Dimmer is a control light levels and switch at the same time.

Useful tips when buying a dimmer

Buying dimmer, remember that not every lamp Budeoperate with it. For example, the majority of fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps are not able to withstand this pair work, and if you still dare to unite them at once at times shorten their life.

Find a dimmer or as we say controlToday the brightness is not difficult if you know where to do it. Each specialized Lighting store sells such devices. Buy it, you can, if you're ready for certain expenses, because dimmers are more expensive in some times of conventional switches.

In order to get your money is not lost, askconsultant, whether it can be effectively operated with those lighting fixtures, already available in your home or in your home. The log will be compared with the power indicators dimmer performance power your lights. Dimmer - sensor device having a regulator that is used to open and connect the electrical similar to mechanical switches. He still carries the voltage change on all the lights, being constantly connected to the network.

The specific use of dimmers

Through the use of dimmers, manyreduce energy consumption indicators. Also this device helps extend the life of light bulbs, as compared to if there is a mechanical switch. Even if we assume that this device is more expensive than a traditional switch, it may be noted that he has a pretty quick payback.

The use of touch switches are veryeffectively in the organization decorative highlights. It is also very convenient to use them for light zoning space, it allows you to emphasize and highlight specific features and interior details. With the dimmer, you can hide defects and available in the interior, defects with emphasis on the most spectacular and beautiful detail involved in the filling space.

Using dimmers, you not only geteffective and practical dimmer, but also a practical system that allows you to control the lighting. It is convenient to manage the house light fluxes, if it uses a dimmer. It is actually now buy dimmers built on different principles of management: with knob, sensor, regulating brightness levels by clicking on the provided time it highlighted field.

Do you want to try yourself in the role of commander in chieflamps, chandeliers, sconces - equip a house or apartment brightness controls. All the lights will be obedient to your army following any effect on the remote control.

With these knobs performbrightness control, you will be able to break into groups of lighting, while at the same dimmers of securing a group of fixtures. It allows you to manage a complex of separate dedicated zones or the whole room in general.

The features and shortcomings of individual models

Some models dimmer if the level dropsambient light in the room can signal a barely audible hum. If you have very sensitive hearing, and similar sounds are annoying you, you must still purchase the dimmer when the store to try to verify the unit is already in the work to listen to his response to the voltage drop.

Do not be amiss to and analysis of your needsthis device acting as a dimmer. It is possible that your interior is absolutely no need to implement such a specific light zoning, or you just have a lot more convenient to adjust the strength of the illumination using the disable or enable the various existing lighting devices.

If you always do everything in the house with his own hands while installation works

the dimmer will not cause you too much difficulty. After all the work on its installation are similar to the works of installation of traditional switch. But in that case, if you do not dock in electrical engineering, then you better help to see a specialist.

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