Dimmer - a device for lighting control in rooms

For room lighting control dimmers are used. These simple devices provide the ability to control the light's brightness. They can be in the same room with a light hand movement to create a suitable atmosphere for sewing or twilight for a romantic dinner.

The principle of operation is dimmerpulse width modulation, which can be used to set different voltage to the light source. Dimmer is permanently connected to the mains, and the voltage, which it sends to any source of light is changed by the impact of his pen. This device is both a switch and control the illumination level.

What you need to know when buying a dimmer

It is important to know that not every lamp can effectivelyoperate in tandem with the dimmer. For example, the vast majority of energy-saving and fluorescent lamps do not provide for such cooperation: their service life is reduced at times. To find today the brightness control is not a problem - the main thing to know where to look. Any shop specializing in lighting technology is available, such devices, however, need to be prepared to fork out on them - there are dimmers are several times more expensive than conventional switches.

In order not to throw good money after bad,ask the seller, is it possible to use it with those lighting fixtures that are installed in your home. You should also consider the extent to which it corresponds to the power output of your lamps.

The dimmer is a touch or adjustableswitch that not only opens and closes an electrical circuit, as do mechanical switches, and it is constantly connected to the network and changes the voltage that is supplied to the lights.

Features Use dimmers

One advantage of using a dimmerreducing the amount of electricity consumed. This has a positive effect on the life of the lamp, which operate with an adjustable switch. And electricity consumption can be significantly reduced, and sometimes twice. Although dimmer cost and great, but it is more than pay for itself over time.

Using the touch switch can beimplement mood lighting. Use it to perform the zoning space with light, making it possible to emphasize the beneficial features of the interior. In addition, you can focus on different elements of decoration. Dimmer will help to hide defects and disadvantages of the room, at the same time highlighting the most beautiful and spectacular parts design space.

Together with the device you are dimmerYou get comfortable lighting control system. With it you can easily and comfortably adjust the light beam in the room. Today dimmers are available with various principles of control: touch, equipped with rotary knob, set the brightness by pressing the time on a special field. Apartments equipped with lighting dimmer system, you can play the role of commander in chief sconces, chandeliers and lamps: they will obediently follow your every impact on the remote control.

Use the brightness controls of lighting, you cansplit into groups of fixtures. Each dimmer can be assigned a group of lighting fixtures. Thanks to this solution you will be able to manage both complex lighting specific areas of space, and the entire room.

It features some of the models and their shortcomings

Some models of dimmers at lower levelsillumination can emit a barely audible buzzing. If your hearing is particularly sensitive and similar sounds annoy you, it is still in the store, try to check the device at work and listen to how it reduces stress.

Generally it is good to review their need for a device for room lighting control. Perhaps your interior does not needrealization of light zoning, and you may be more convenient to adjust the light level by turning on and off different number of lighting fixtures.

If you are used to repair their own hands,then installing a dimmer you will not have any problems. Connect is a functional device in much the same way as an ordinary switch. If you are not strong in the electrical, then you should seek help from a qualified professional.

Dimmer - a device for lighting control in rooms
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