The correct choice of lamps for the ceiling - a pledge of comfort and a comfortable stay

Lighting is a key element of eachinterior. Previously, its only function is to fill the space with light, now all kinds of chandeliers and lamps are widely used by designers to achieve different effects in the design of the premises. The choice of lighting scheme will depend on the final perception of the room, comfort and harmony.

We increase comfort

Choosing a ceiling chandelier, primarilyyou must pay attention to their luminosity and power. Their optimal values ​​will depend on the purpose of the premises and its size. It is easy to guess that the small nightlight is best not to install in the bathroom or in the kitchen, but placing it in the bedroom, you can create the desired shade. The same rule holds for downlights. Thanks to their dim lights in the bedroom, you can create the desired atmosphere. A similar approach can be applied to lighting hallway, bathroom and kitchen - it is important to obtain the highest level of lighting in each area.

In that case, if the room has an area of ​​not more than10 square meters. m., and a special height of the ceiling is different, then the chandelier can be used with multiple lights. But for the extremely low ceiling, you can use glossy stretch construction of PVC, such a solution would avoid creating a gloomy atmosphere. Gloss perfectly reflect light and amplifies it, resulting in the room gets a special lightness and spaciousness.

A few more tips

In small rooms the best solution would beZoning space. You can use multiple lamps. Often these days set pendant or ceilings. If you have used similar designs, part of them can be lit spotlights, while the other part of the ceiling set the chandelier for a few lamps.

It is also important to take into account the dimensions of the luminaire. If the unit is too large, then in small apartments it will look bulky. It is better to give preference to compact devices. So, in great demand today use chandeliers Belleville forms that are flat and small. Their main difference - the direction of the light bulb, which is aimed at the ceiling. As a result, it is reflected and creates an amazing effect of scattering.

We reviewed a number of key recommendations that will help you choose the optimum ceiling chandelier, which is not only well fit into the interior space, but also give the desired coverage.

The correct choice of lamps for the ceiling - a pledge of comfort and a comfortable stay
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