Correctly select local coverage

How quickly you get tired of reading a book orwork? If fatigue overpowers you pretty quickly, its cause may lie in the wrong local coverage. Let's look at the different ways in which you can achieve proper local lighting.

Local lighting of the workplace

Incorrect internal lighting was one of thethe main reasons for complaints. From workplace literacy lighting it depends on many things, such as eye strain, regardless of whether you work in an office or at home knit. In poor lighting conditions the eyes require more voltage, which leads to stress and fatigue. Therefore optimal local lighting is important.

It is important to consider not only the main stream of lightworkplace, but also the general background lighting. Many experts believe such coverage is extremely important because it determines how the workplace will stand out in the world. The best option is ceiling diffused light. However, it is important to understand that it should not be too bright: well, when working in the area two times better lit than the rest of the space room.

Pretty typical mistake is to plant bulbsat eye level. This is not the best of their location, as a reflection of an increased contrast ratio and a negative effect on fatigue. These same consequences resulting from the use of lamp power is too high, because the intense light and a negative impact on the overall level of fatigue.

Ambient color and the surface of the desktopcertain way affect our organs of sight. Experts recommend as a material for a table to choose a natural light with non-shiny coating wood. And the ceiling, floor and walls, it is desirable to have a grayish-white color. To illuminate the workplace is well suited located behind the lamp, especially if its location to avoid drop shadow.

Correct local desktop lighting

Experts recommend not to sit in parallelwindow. Although the sunshine and pleasant, but our eyes get tired of it. And if they also have an increased sensitivity, then why not take advantage of blinds and artificial lighting.

If we stay with his back to the window, then the shadowIt will be dropped right in front of you. Whether natural or artificial lighting, it should not make a shadow. To avoid glare, you can find the optimal angle of rotation of the chair and the table: he must not be less than 50 degrees between the direction of the direct view and the window.

Local lightning while working on the computer

Many people working at the computer, complainto haze and a burning sensation in the eyes, and the subject of their complaint is fatigue, and headaches. To somehow avoid these side effects, it is important to heed the advice of experts.

The lighting should not be too bright. If you are in a small room, then a 60-watt light bulb would be sufficient. If you use the chandelier, then you can only turn on half of its capacity. Direct sunlight should not fall on the monitor.

Today available blikopogloschayuschie mobilemonitors, you can adjust the brightness and contrast as well as select an appropriate font size. Try to use all the advantages of this type of art. The brightness of the screen must be several times the illumination of the room. It is important to adjust and contrast: the letters must be 5 times brighter rest of the background.

If you have something to read, then place the materialon a level with the screen - this will allow you to translate view. It is important to remember that every hour of work at the computer to do a minimum break of 10 minutes. In addition, experts advise to blink. You can deliberately blink for about a minute before you start work.

Correct local coverage largely depends on our situation. You should have an adjustable chair, and the monitor should be positioned at a suitable height. The document should be placed not far from the screen. Proper arrangement of the table and the keyboard will allow your hands to work comfortably.

The most common errors in the wronglocation in the computer are as follows. The documents are too low, and the working surface - high. Forearm and wrist do not have the support and the hands and keyboard are located quite high. The cause of discomfort can become a bad back support or hard stools.

If you work at a computer, then the correct local coverage It will keep the vision and make the work environment more pleasant.

Correctly select local coverage
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