Choose lamps of any design and purpose

Floor lamp - it is not just additional sourceslight in the home or office, and unique decorations. They can be kind of a twist in the room, exclusive design course, to create a bright accent in a certain area of ​​the room. With the help of lighting is easy to make a house more comfortable. The flickering light floor lamps light fill the room warm and cozy atmosphere.

The main criteria for selection of floor lamps

Floor lamps - floor lamps is thatcan give any room a special charm. One advantage of these products is the mobility. In contrast to the ceiling lights or lamps can be moved around the room. They are generally used as an auxiliary light source.

Choose lamps of any design and purpose Choose lamps of any design and purpose

If not provided ceiling lightbedroom, this can be easily remedied by buying a couple of overall floor lamps with several shades. So you get a soft ambient lighting throughout the room. When choosing fixtures, you should pay attention to their characteristics such as:

• Power. Products with a bright light is near the place comfortable chair, used to read favorite books and magazines. It is desirable to be able to change the direction of the rays. Devices with a softer, more natural light are ideal for a child's room. If the dimmer is set, they can be used as a night light;

• types of lamps. Now on the market you can find lighting fixtures that are designed for conventional incandescent bulbs, energy-saving products or LEDs;

• dimensions. When selecting lamp posts should take into account the size of the room. A small lamp with a neat shade will look good in a cozy little room. Over dimensional lighting fixture can be placed in a spacious room with a high ceiling;

Choose lamps of any design and purpose Choose lamps of any design and purpose

• design and color. It is necessary to buy a lamp based on the style in which the room is made. Using products with bright shades can be accents in the room, made in the spirit of high-tech. Here it is necessary to take into account the material, texture and coloring of the ceiling so as not to turn an interesting decorative element in tasteless bright spot. Also, all the lighting devices can pick up in a stylistic form and the same shades, differing only dimensions.

Elegant floor lamp unique form (sculpture or vase) decorate any room. Original lamp with a base in the form of shelves can be used to store magazines or other details.

Choose lamps of any design and purpose
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