Chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps - learn to properly use the light in the house

The homes are different, and that each of them youWe feel comfortable in the morning, afternoon or evening, and there is a constantly evolving light zoning. Properly selected and placed chandeliers, floor lamps or recessed lighting can change the apartment beyond recognition. Consider a few of the most common problems and recommendations to address them.

1. A small area of ​​the room. The standard room apartments is not something that absolutely tiny, but the psychological feeling of pressure does not leave the walls of many. You can remedy the situation by gluing reflective wallpaper and the installation of additional lighting fixtures, for example, a small floor lamp to illuminate the room in different directions.

2. Low ceilings. They may be the original or too far down after the installation of suspended or suspended structures. If the walls put upward spotlights, the visual ceiling is lifted.

3. Too high ceilings. With similar complaints people come very rarely, yet in most cases, a stock room volume is seen as a luxury. However, if the high ceiling - this is a problem, then it can be solved exactly lamps. In this case, you need to hang on the walls of paintings and other objects, which will alternate with beautiful sconces. It would distract attention from the high ceilings.

4. Lack of comfort. This problem most often occurs in large area buildings that the owners do not want to make a tightly furniture, ennobling with heavy curtains or add unnecessary sculptures. It will help a small flower garden with the right lighting. For it is possible to make a separate backlight, built-in ceiling or floor to do a floor lamp with a lamp diffused light, hidden in the bush.

5. Lack of a quiet corner. At the end of the day you always want to be in a dark room where you can relax and prepare for sleep. The apartment is such a place can be only one bedroom, and with properly chosen lighting. Here, the main bright light is usually not needed, so the priority is given to the muted background lighting - sconces, outdoor floor lamps, table lamps and a variety of night light.

To enjoy every return home withoutIt is sure to have a huge expensive furnished apartments. The fact that there are at your disposal, you can always do a little better, in particular, and the correct selection of lighting fixtures.

Chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps - learn to properly use the light in the house
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