Using Profiles for LED strip

In fact, it is quite possible LED Stripbe integrated in your interior and without the use of special profiles. Physically this is possible, but is it worth risking it? The fact that the tapes that have been installed without the use of a special profile for the ice belt can get very hot during operation. In addition, the profile helps much more accurate positioning of LED lighting in the interior, and they look very stylish. You can let the tape from the diodes on the ceiling or wall. Even on the floor can be installed decorative luminous tape. Do not forget to buy a profile for LED strip.

Possible profiles for ice tapes

Profiles are used in home interiors,and another kind of smokers. For example, if you need to arrange an angle of coverage for a display of ornaments, you therefore suitable variant of the angular profile for LED strip.

Using Profiles for LED strip Using Profiles for LED strip

By type of fastening can also identify falseprofiles, which you can fix to the double-sided tape, glue or screws. Embedded profiles allow you to "hide" LED Strip more deeply into the wall or ceiling. To do this, cut a niche in which you install the profile. But there is a third option, namely, suspension profiles, which are mounted with the help of ropes.

If you want to ispolschovat cables, thetake care of the security of the enterprise - it is better to use an aluminum profile for LED strip, as it is durable and easy - it is not terrible hang over his head. If you want to make an original and unique light-bulbs from ice, then be inspired by pictures from the Internet, come to us and order materials! You will undoubtedly remain impressed and satisfied because we always reserve for himself only the best impressions.

Using Profiles for LED strip Using Profiles for LED strip

Another use of LEDs

For a beautiful soft light glowing ice taperequire special profiles for led strips. But there are many options for lighting devices based on LEDs, which do not require the attachment, as the profile. For example, you can use separate bulbs or panels for lighting of paintings or vases with flowers. You can use ice fixtures at its discretion, and edit them as you like, because they are fixed quite easily, and does not always require major repairs to the installation.

Using Profiles for LED strip
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