Why not in a hurry to move to electric motors in motor-vehicles

As is known, electric motors are installed inMany home devices - from the motor of the shaver until the motor of the washing machine drum. Production of many plants have long been dependent on 100% of the electric motor, a huge assortment of which is presented on the website. Vehicles without much desire to move to electricity at a huge advantage. Among them we can recall about:

• No need for constant maintenance;

• High efficiency - in the region of 85-95 per cent compared to 40 in internal combustion engines;

• relative silence - vehicles with internal combustion engines produce a lot of noise, and it is especially uncomfortable for people living in the central streets of cities;

• a complete lack of emissions into the environment.

Why motors everywhere except automobiles

It is these advantages and used themanufacturers of industrial electric motors, such as the address. Such devices have long been there in the farms, such as pumps for pumping water, Wall fans. The use of steam engines or internal combustion engines in all spheres of economy man would be dangerous, disadvantageous, and simply do not have enough power for all needs.

Why do car manufacturers and othervehicles are not particularly willing transplanted to the motors? In it are several reasons. First - it is an expensive transition to the new technology of production capacity that can even "kill" small plants. The second reason, and the most obvious - the lack of benefits to traders oil. Next reason - artificially high electricity tariffs for the population.

Thus, electric motors are usedeverywhere. The only exceptions are the means of transport. The transition to this technology will likely only when the stocks of raw materials for gasoline will begin to run out, and traders will rush to find a new way to make money.

The countries of Europe, Asia, and the USCanada will be at that time fully alternatively electrified. Solar panels will be installed everywhere, making unnecessary gas stations completely. For the countries of the east end of the Polish oil reserves will result in another catastrophe provoked by the desire to fill their pockets.

Methods for rapid transition to electricity instead of ICE

For widespread use of electric motorsnecessary to introduce quotas on emissions and to abandon the idea to raise electricity prices to the public. After these events the rejection of the internal combustion engine is lightning. The use of electric motors in cars is the same as in industry and households.

Why not in a hurry to move to electric motors in motor-vehicles
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