Welding equipment and its types

The modern market of welding equipmentit offers a wide range. That is why before going to the store is best to do some research and find out about his views. Welding is used to connect a wide variety of materials, so you need to decide what you get it - to connect the pipes, valves or other products. Let's look at the main types of devices.

Variety of welding equipment

Welding transformers are particularly known amongvarious kinds of devices. They are used to decrease in voltage and allow adjustment of the characteristics of the welding current. The main advantages of this system is a reasonable price and high power arc. Still, the device has a number of weaknesses, which include low efficiency, power surges and increased complexity of the welding work.

The following welding rectifier. For operation of the device requires a constant electric current, the device allows you to weld stainless steels and non-ferrous metals. Of course, working with them more comfortable, however, and such equipment is about $ 400, which makes it inaccessible to a range of buyers.

Advanced types of welding equipment

With the help of welding generator can performwork even where there is no transmission line. The instrument comprises an internal combustion engine that allows producing current. However, low efficiency, high unit price and fuel consumption have led to the popularity of the device low. And yet, if you want to perform activities in the absence of electrification, the device is simply irreplaceable.

The most advanced solutions are weldinginverter semiautomatic. Each instrument has a lot of strengths, but only certain tasks can be solved with their help. Using the inverter has a high purity of the seam and energy efficient. Working with him is known for high usability - can avoid a situation in which the molten metal scatters around. Semi-automatic machine is ideal for working with delicate products, but he needs a continuous supply of gas. The device provides a high quality weld.

Modern equipment is available in a wide range of models, so everyone will be able to choose the device that will help achieve the objectives.

Welding equipment and its types
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