Welding electrodes and their classification

Today issued welding electrodes of different brands, each of which has its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Often welding electrodes used for welding of carbon andlow-alloy steel types. These various types of different degrees of bending, the mechanical characteristics of the weld, toughness and other properties. All these parameters define state standards, in addition to them, a special classification that allows to determine the degree of resistance to break the seam according to the elongation and other parameters. thanks Classification of welding electrodes You can identify an amount of sulfur and phosphorus, which are deposited metal.

Modern types of electrodes

Often used in the manufacture of electrodesThe following types of coatings: basic, rutile, mixed, and sour pulp. If we talk about the standard electrode coated with acid, used for its production of iron oxides, silicon and manganese. This type is characterized by the probability of occurrence of hot cracks. Therefore, in accordance with GOST these welding electrodes can have a brand E42 and E38. Welding is carried out using them in direct and alternating current.

For making basic electrodesfluoride compounds are used, and carbonates. They are used in the metals with cool, they differ in toughness and ductility, which prevents the occurrence of hot cracking. These welding electrodes can have a brand E46A, E55, E60, E42A and E50A.

We should also mention cellulosic electrodescoating, which are used in the manufacture of organic material such as cellulose. They are used for welding of steel semi-killed and quiet, while the content of hydrogen is at a high level. With such electrodes can perform welding on the weight or downward, so they have certain advantages over other types of electrodes. If speak about Classification of welding electrodes of this type, they can be labeled E42, E50 or E46.

Today, everyone can choose the best for yourselfkind of consumables in which the electrodes consumption can be reduced, and select the optimal diameter. It is important to understand that the cost of the electrodes is affected not only by their type and appearance, as well as their brand.

Welding electrodes and their classification
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