Universal machines for stone

Why universal machines for stone to be goodaccount, have an extensive spread? On what better to put the emphasis in the selection of the machine? And what are the main varieties of machines? These and many questions you will find answers in this article.

General classification machines for stone.

At this stage, the market has a widedistribution of three types of machine - industrial, construction and jewelry. The first two categories are in high demand. Basic machines are equipped with a frame, an electric motor, the feed tool (Stone), just a mechanism that is carried out cutting and means for controlling the cutting process.

Machines specialized for cutting stone are several types of transmission - chain, belt, pinion, and the like.

Undoubtedly, it is worth to buy a machine on a stone ifplanned to use it for industrial purposes. In this case, it mogzhet razdelittsya on: - kantofrezny (cut-off), calibration and splitting. Goals can range from sawing and edging to the stone. Same way, the machines can occupy a vast niche in the labor market.

On what better to put accents in the choice of the machine?

• The profile should be identified first.cutting, that is how wide a format the robots are In some cases, manufacturers make machines specialized in cutting a certain type of material;

• Pay attention to the technical capabilities of the machine. The exact characteristics are not always indicated.

• You should also pay attention to the process itself.cutting. For example, how deep the cutting is done, how many angles are allowed in the work, whether it is possible to make corrections directly during the cutting.

• And what is important, the cutting tool itself must be complete with a protective cover;

• The jointing table should have a smooth surface, with the complete absence of any damage, and the legs should have a solid support;

Universal machines for stone

Variety of tools.

• A circular machine that has freeabrasive and equipped with a drive. Classical machines with diamond stone cutting, have the ability to be used in a free abrasive. Subject to immersion of the disk in suspension instead of oil. Please note: to avoid wear, it is necessary to close access to the moving elements of the machine.

• A circular machine having a free abrasive andstraight canvas. In this case, it is worth noting the simplicity of production, and a small amount of waste. Also, an important convenience is that you can set the size of the canvas to your taste. Moreover, the range of material is very extensive.

• A belt machine with a free abrasive. This kind of design has a soft steel band without jagged elements, the metal of which did not pass hardening. It is also equipped with a special mechanism for convenient stone movement.

Universal machines for stone
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