Recycling of tires, recycling of tires, rubber tiles and grit

Paving has taken its place in everyday lifehuman. Day by day, each of us can observe the numerous transitions, treadmills, and other household objects which is lined with different shapes and colors, paving slabs.

But the world and the technology is not standing still. Widely known concrete paving slabs, made water-based dye and cement-stone solution gives way to a new product, a new paving slabs made of rubber crumbs.

Tile of the crumb rubber - is unique in its properties and characteristics of a material that has a number of many advantages compared to a conventional paving tiles.

Rubber tiles (paving slabs) made from crumb rubber, pigments and polyurethane adhesive has the following unique features.

1. Traumatic

2. Frost

3. Waterproof

4. It can be easily laid out and replaced if necessary

5. Under the rubber tiles does not grow grass

6. In the rubber tiles are not formed puddles and ice

7. Rubber tile is easy to clean and are cleaned of dirt

The bulk of the rubber tiles gained widespread use on children, play and sports areas and in other areas of human activity.

Places application and laying the rubber tiles.

1. Children's playgrounds

2. Sports grounds and facilities.

3. Holiday and cottage areas

4. Garages and parking facilities

5. Car wash and service centers

6. Pools and embankments zone

7. And much more.

Indeed rubber tiles - ideal for upgrading and giving the status of any object.

Recycling of tires, recycling of tires, rubber tiles and grit
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