Types of construction nails

Pretty hard to find a man who in his life has not scored a single nail or even hold a hammer in his hand. Although it may appear that nothing is easier nail can not be, a careful examination types of construction nails it turns out that their diversity is unusually wide. Not everyone knows that there are dozens of varieties of nails. Let's look at some of them.

If you do not use any nails hit, and thosethat best fit its purpose, it will make the mount durable and strong. There is an enormous variety of nails, depending on the materials and design features may perform a variety of tasks: some will fasten conventional board, and other will not be difficult to fix to shoot the building structure reinforced concrete base. Nails used to fix the moldings, flooring wooden floors, installation of door frames and windows, as well as in the manufacture of wooden stairs. Fixing elements when exposed to a variety of operating loads.

Varieties nails

Simple construction made from nailssteel wire or steel which has not undergone thermal treatment. For the labeling of these products using two numbers: the first indicates the diameter of the shaft of the fastener and the second - its length. Construction nails can be grooved or smooth bonnet. Some models have a small incision on the web, which allows for enhanced joint strength. These nails are the most accessible and popular fixture, which is most often used to connect parts of different types of wood.

There are nails for a special purpose. These nails are square products having an elongated T-shaped head, as well as nails with double hat. The first kind of nails can be used in the form of hooks, and their notching protects them from turning into a wooden beam, besides they allow to fix the part to the bottom, not breaking it. This effect can be achieved due to the structural features of the head of the nail. Nails with a double hat particularly effective when using shuttering. They are easy to not only score, but also later retrieved using nail puller, plus they are suitable and reuse.

There are a huge arsenal of decorative nails. Their broad and beautiful hat allows delicately pressed wall hangings and upholstery of the front door of the leatherette. These nails are implemented only by the piece and cost more Construction nail.

For the manufacture of nails used blackmetal, sometimes acid resistant or stainless steel. Their coatings can be decorative or protective function. In the first case, for the manufacture of nails used nickel, copper and chromium, that allows to give the article the decorative. In the second case, the use of chromium and zinc protects parts from corrosion processes.

Screw nails and nails dyukert

Hot-dip galvanized nail is usedFor bending and flexible structures, which can be caused by loads or high humidity. This includes the external upholstery of buildings, as well as the construction of berths and floors. The head of the screw nails can be hidden. With their use, connections are 4 times stronger than others types of construction nails.

Dyukert nails - nails is a rather smallhat. They are used to fix the lining, plates, as well as windows and doors cashing in those cases when they want to achieve stealth hardware. Before you make a subsequent staining of the use of such nails do not need a lot of work with putty. Cap dyukerta provided with recesses through which a nail is easier to finish dobojnika. In addition, the rough surface of the cap allows a good putty stick.

Nails, dowels and nails comb

For the manufacture of the dowel-nails usedSteel Class CC or VC and marks 70. These products are subject to heat treatment. For the manufacture of washers used vysokonagortovannaya steel cold-rolled strip in accordance with GOST 503-81, then the product is not subjected to heat treatment.

Comb nails used in those cases whereobject requires especially high strength fasteners, as well as for window slopes and the inner casing. The product has a transverse notch which increases 5 times its anchorage in comparison with a simple nail. You can purchase a comb nails in the hardened version for solid material.

Having considered types of construction nailsYou can see that their design anddecorative effect is determined by the purpose of use. Correctly choosing the type of attachment, you will be able to achieve its goal - to make a strong connection, or make it a pleasant appearance.

Types of construction nails
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