Variety of construction nails

Almost everyone is familiar with such a straightforward tool, like a hammer. It is well known that it can hammer in nails. What could be simpler than a conventional nail? However, the large variety of types of construction nails It allows you to choose the best option for solving various problems. The number of species is estimated in tens, let's take a look in detail only with some types of them.

Preferably, in the use of nails is notthose who first came to hand, and the most appropriate. This will ensure long life and safety. Nails in the building supermarkets are presented in a huge range, when selected it is important to focus on the features of their design and the material for which they are used. With certain types of simple wooden boards are fixed, others are designed for attachment to the reinforced concrete base of the structures. Through nails fasten wooden floors, fix the skirting board, install windows and door frames, and the wooden stairs are made. Operation of these fasteners is accompanied by significant loads.

Modern types of nails

To create a simple construction nailsIt uses iron or steel wire. The raw material must be heat treated. To make the markings applied to a pair of numbers: the diameter of the shaft of the nail and the length of the fastener. Cap construction nails is smooth and can have corrugations. The rods of some varieties of products have a notch, the presence of which increases the strength of the connection. Nails of this type is particularly prevalent, they are available and allow you to connect products from different tree species.

Nails may have a special purpose. This series belongs to hardware with a long head in the shape of the letter "G", square products or components that have twice the hat. Square hardware used to create a hook, thanks to the special notches are protected against rotation in the wooden bar. With their help, you can mount to the bottom of every detail, not punching a hole in it. This is made possible by the special design of the fastener head. In products with a double hat, achieved a special convenience in the creation and dismantling of formwork. They are driven and easily retrieved through the nail puller. If necessary, they can be recycled.

Decorative nails in a widerange. They are characterized by aesthetic and broad hat, which delicately presses leatherette upholstery of a door or wall hangings. The cost of this type of hardware above construction nails, implement them individually. Make such products from metal black, in some cases, this is done using stainless or acid-proof steel. Their coverage is given protection or aesthetic role. To give a visual appeal nails, copper is used for their production, nickel or chromium, resulting in components are particularly beautiful. The coating of chromium or zinc provides excellent corrosion protection.

Features dyukert-nails and screw hardware

The flexible and bendable materials usedHot dip galvanized screw nails. They are well maintained and increased humidity load. They are used to carry out external upholstery facilities, as well as in the manufacture of floor and piers. The screw nails, in some cases, using countersunk screws. They allow four times improve bonding strength than when using other types of construction nails.

Nails having a very small hat, calleddyukert nails. With their help fix plates, linings and cashing of doors and windows, if you want to hide from view metiz. These nails are simply covered by putty, then they are covered with a layer of paint. Due to the grooves, which are available in a hat dyukerta facilitated the task of finishing nails. The base of the cap is uneven, so it is securely attached to the putty.

Features comb nails and nail-dowels

Dowel-nails are made from steel grades 70,VC or QC, the past treatment under high temperature. These washers are made from a metal cold-rolled strip, carefully adhering to the state standards. Further products does not pass the heat treatment.

If you want to get the very strong attachment, whenwork with inner lining and window slopes used comb nails. They are equipped with a transverse notch, thereby fixing strength is increased five-fold compared with conventional nails. Hardened comb nails are used to work with high hardness materials.

Variety of construction nails
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