Tips for choosing a circular saw

Among the convenient and irreplaceable buildingtools include circular power saw, is very popular among repairmen, builders, roofers and many other masters. A good saw blade gives precise incision clean and provides superior performance. Therefore, if you are thinking of purchasing this tool, you should pay attention to some tips on choosing a circular saw.

Electric saws disc found amongprofessional tools, and among household. Recent designed for smaller jobs do not differ by more loads and constancy. However, for the constant high quality of work, pay attention immediately on professional equipment, such saws, and different functional properties and the value will become your indispensable assistant reliable means.


To find the optimal characteristicstool you need, first of all, it should be defined in advance with the aims and objectives of its use, as well as think about the stress and workload. To begin with basic indicators. Often, the vast majority of drinking has a depth of cut up to sixty millimeters. In principle, such saws are well suited to perform many of the major works, they are easy to use, convenience and maneuverability. Although materials with small thickness will be sufficient to choose the compact electric saw with a cutting depth of about forty millimeters. However, to achieve cutting larger materials, such saws can perform two-way cut.

Now, as a professionaltools, cutting depth such drank up to one hundred and thirty millimeters. Professional saws are widely used for large volumes of work, high productivity and maximizing loads. However, the weight of drink sometimes exceeds ten kilograms. Many noticed that often the best solution is the option of using stationary models of power saws. Dimensions define the drives power saws in many ways. To your stationary saws could well last for a long time, take into account when setting the angle of inclination, which must be between 45 and 90 degrees. To this end, using a special measuring instrument, it is possible to adjust the tilt platform. Base from drinking are both molded and stamped. Cast base, including many experts considered to be more reliable option, since such a structure enhances the rigidity and has a long-term service because they do not warp in the process of long-term use. But punched base, which is performed as a rule, made of thick steel, is also considered to be quite reliable and durable.

Check saws

If you buy a saw, be sure to checkit in fact, it is best to connect the saw to the mains and verify instrument performance. Check the weight of the saw, because if you work a lot with the optional instrument, it should be as comfortable as possible.


Safety should never be neglected. It is worth checking housing harboring top drive during operation it must be in the closed position. Lower housing portion Saw disc opens only in the operating position, i.e. directly during cutting material. The handle some drinking is protective against accidental button or a sudden unexpected turn. Special couplings are arranged for protection against jamming, even when the motor shaft rotates the saw blade stops. Other saws have an electronic braking system, which stops the drive immediately after the engine is turned off.

Made by the manufacturer guidesbus, which is equipped with electric saws, designed to improve the accuracy of the cut. Pay attention to signs of wear indicating brush, worn brushes should be replaced. Meals for saws can serve as a network, and batteries. However, the battery capacity depends on the length of the saw operation. Powerful batteries affect the value of the instrument. For those who plan to frequently replace the discs should pay particular attention to the spindle lock. If you change some discs drank enough to press the button provided and to carry out the replacement of using a wrench.

These are just a few tips on choosing a circular sawWhich, however, will help you choose the appropriate tool for easy and comfortable operation.

Tips for choosing a circular saw
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