Three-phase diesel generators. Why and when should prefer them?

When choosing a diesel generator is crucialcorrectly pick all the typical characteristics of these devices. And, of course, is certainly worth a meticulously relate them to the existing reality, the conditions in which the technology will have to work, adhere to the economic and technical feasibility. One of the main, but, unfortunately, not often rewarded with the attention of users, is a Phase parameters, which are endowed with everything diesel generators.

It naturally can be only oneor three. Many people mistakenly believe that "the more - the better", and then for his mistake rather forced to pay dearly. About that, what is the difference between single-phase and three-phase models, and we talk about today, and that when one of them and it is better to prefer.

What is Phase?

Perhaps there is no such person who would be in the homeI faced with the devices in the data sheet which says that they are designed for 380V. All who remember high school physics course, understand that the difference between 220V and 380V is enormous, and the organization of the electricity grid, if it contains those and other devices, it can not be ignored.

If the presence of electronics and high-technologyvoltage occurs sad neglect the effect of "phase imbalance" that leads, at best, to the failure of the load due to the uneven load distribution.

It is in such cases and the need dieseltype three-phase generators. Also worth remembering that the single-phase model, without exception, produced by diesel generators are now able to serve the total power consumption not exceeding 16 kW only. If the estimated network capacity exceeds this figure, it is better to choose the diesel generators are three-phase type.

Advantages of three-phase versions

Despite the fact that the use of models of three-phasediesel generators ordered explicitly limited to certain conditions, it is impossible not to remember and about a number of significant advantages to the single-phase counterparts. Firstly, these units much more evenly and properly distribute the load, and the output gives a very high quality current in all respects.

The fact that the organization of such modelsseems much more difficult, often she does is based on inverter technology. They certainly include in its structure an impossible number of sensors and controllers, automated systems to respond to those or other indicators.

Three-phase diesel generators. Why and when should prefer them?
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