Types of scaffolds and their features

With the construction of buildings and their decoration is oftenused scaffolding. These designs are practical and convenient work on them. If you plan to use the product once, favorable rent scaffolding to avoid additional costs. Turning to the company, which rents them for rent, the client often hears the question, what kind of design he is interested. Let's get acquainted closer with varieties of scaffolds and their peculiarities.

forest Species

There are various designs classification. Let's get acquainted with the most popular of them.

Pin forests. Products of this type got its name due to thethe method of fixing the individual components. For this special-welding rods are used. These structures differ simplicity of assembly, which is achieved due to the fast fixing of components to each other. A special feature is a pin forest wide discretion when they are mounted. This is made possible through the use of cross bars of various sizes. They allow you to form a large working area. important role for horizontal links When erecting pin forest. They may have different dimensions, making it easy to adapt to the buildings facade.

Frame forest. The peculiarity of this type of product isuse of welded frame connections. Such a decision could substantially reduce the weight of products. Sometimes builders call them relief. This was achieved by reducing the metal content, which in turn led to a decrease in the price of construction. One of the key advantages of frame scaffold is a quick installation. This was achieved through the use of the flag castles and frames. This solution speeds up the connection between horizontal and diagonal straps.

Wedge scaffolding. In terms of versatility and reliability of thesedesign occupy a leading position. An important disadvantage is the considerable time required for assembly. This is due to the addition of the vertical wedge with other parts. However, this disadvantage is offset by the fact that you can create the design the desired shape. On the vertical uprights are welded flanges special thanks to them can be assembled in 8 directions. For forests wedge type available console, they represent the external frame, through which can significantly increase the size of the working platform at the desired location. If the facade of the building will be a recess, workers easily approach him.

Clamp forest. This is the most time consuming to install and expensive construction. However, they may be combined with other types of products and allow to build constructions desired shape.

Types of scaffolds and their features
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