Cutting torch - modern equipment for cutting metal

Cutting torch - is a manual tool thatused for cutting metal. It is based on incandescence material to elevated temperatures. The tool has received other names, for example, a gas burner and a blowtorch. The site is laid out promtehgaz.rf interesting collection of articles on the cutting torch. Consider some features of the cutting torch.

Types of cutting torches and their features

All variety of tools can be dividedclassified on the ejector and bezezhektornye. The first type involves mixing the combustible gas with oxygen in the second case it is not. There are also a variety of cutting techniques, including surface, lances, oxygen-Flux and separation. The equipment can operate on hydrogen, propane, kerosene and acetylene.

Most often used in gas cuttersconstruction and production activities. In everyday life, they are not used with a few exceptions. Consider the most popular to date kinds of cutting torches.

Oxygen. This ejector equipment in it forthe formation of burning jet uses oxygen, which is supplied under pressure. The cost of such a device is lower than on other devices, so many prefer to him.

Kerosene. The unit operates with a pair of kerosene. The device serves for cutting carbon steel, the thickness of which does not exceed 20 centimeters. This equipment is almost never used in everyday life, it is engaged in the performance of industrial activities. The devices have specific parameters that allow you to use them under the ground, that is valuable for the mining and coal industry.

Acetylenic. It used to process sheets and partsconsiderable thickness. The equipment is equipped with individual valves, they serve to increase the power and fuel supply rate during the work. Some cutters are made in a compact size. Use of acetylene to achieve maximum flame temperature. Even small dimensions of the device allow them to produce metal cutting large thickness.

With a variety of types of cutting torcheseveryone can choose the best type of equipment for their own purposes. Having got acquainted in detail with the description of the characteristics of each of them, you can best spend their money.

Cutting torch - modern equipment for cutting metal
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