Types of modern drilling machines

Drilling machine - a popular typeEquipment that is used to perform various operations in the industry: reaming, drilling, boring holes, boring, tapping, etc. Many of them used the Morse taper, which will secure the drills, cutters, chucks. Let's get acquainted with various types of drilling machines.

Types of drilling machines

The most popular drilling equipment of the following types:

Radial drilling machines. They are used for machining holes in workpieceslarge sizes. To combine equipment runtime operation hole axis and the spindle moves relative to the fixed workpiece. Vertical movement is performed by an electric motor.

Vertical drilling machines. Devices of this type are widelyspread on plants that handle different materials, including operations - making holes in workpieces of a small size. Drill fixedly secured, so the item is moved so as to form a hole in a desired location.

Horizontal drilling machines. They are designed for making holes in thegreat depth. Depending on the length and weight of the workpiece set optimal type of treatment. When drilling equipment rotates the details in relation to the tool, workpiece hefty firmly fixed.

Multi-spindle drilling machines. They are used to simultaneously perform various technological operations, including cutting, drilling, deployment and others.

Features drilling machines with magnetic base

Devices of this type help to getthe necessary holes, perform processing, cut the thread, which will help make installation of metal. Magnetic drilling machines are known for their compact design, so they can be used in places where it is impossible to use conventional tools and equipment. They can easily handle and regular stainless steel, iron, aluminum, preforms can have a different shape, size and strength.

Drills on a magnetic base is used in the areas of:

• in the field;

• in the shipyards;

• installation of metal structures;

• for the recovery of large equipment;

• In the manufacture of tanks;

• The construction of bridges;

• in the construction of pipelines.

All variety of drilling machines can bedivided into universal, specialized and specific. Devices of the first type are the most popular for making holes. the second type of equipment will produce deep-hole drilling, they are widely used in large scale and mass production. Special devices are units which allows to make several operations in detail.

Acquainted with the modern types of drilling machines, you will be able to choose the most suitable equipment.

Types of modern drilling machines
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