The Bulgarian - an indispensable tool in modern construction

Modern building tools andallowing multiple devices to reduce the complexity of work, to increase reliability and quality of the constructed structures. Striking their representative is Bulgarian. If you want to get acquainted with the variety of models of this instrument, just see the link. In this article, you can learn about the features of the use of grinders.

The Bulgarian is a specialized cornergrinding machine, originally it was developed for the cleaning and polishing of certain materials. Thanks to this tool could improve the quality and speed of processing a variety of surfaces.

Today the area has ceased to use grinderslimited only by grinding. This power is widely used in the furniture industry and construction, in addition, it serves to handle almost all kinds of wooden materials. With grinders cut plastic and metal, sharpen sharp tool. The tool is used when you want to precisely cut the brick, and more.

Features Bulgarians and the rules of their choice

Inside the grinder housing is the engine, hetransmit force to the grinding wheel by the rotation of the gears. They are at right angles to each other. This feature has led to the emergence of names of power - angle grinder.

When buying a grinder is necessary to determine, givepreference for domestic or professional models. These two groups differ in capacity, performance, cost, ease of use, uninterrupted work time and other parameters. Professional tool ahead of home in all respects, except for the price. Should he really expensive. Therefore, to perform one-time operations at home it just is not necessary. Household tool to fully cope with this task.

When selecting angle grinders important to take intoattention to its diameter of the disc, it will depend on the work performed. Values ​​of up to 125 mm should be sufficient for small jobs as well as cutting material to a depth of several centimeters. There is also a grinder designed to work with circles 150-180 mm in diameter. 230 mm discs are used to perform a large amount of work. However, to exploit this tool you need to with the utmost care, so as not to get injured.

As you can see, it is a modern Bulgarian power tool that has a lot of strengths. Thanks to her, you can perform various kinds of work quickly and efficiently.

The Bulgarian - an indispensable tool in modern construction
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