Glass Cutters: main types and features

Glass cutters are an important tool toused to cut glass of different thickness. Through it you can simply cut the desired shape of the glass, while maintaining the integrity of the material. Modern building materials market is offering various types of glass cutters, among them stands out the reliability and efficiency bohle tool. Let's look at the main varieties of the tool and its features.

Diamond glass cutters

The working element in this is the diamond glass cuttersmall size, which, by means of silver solder securely holds its position. Use it to cut the glass, whose thickness is less than 1 centimeter. The tool has a long service life, it can be cut into more than 10 kg of glass.

The cutting edge of the tool is made incurved tetrahedral or pyramidal shape. With the latter option should only be run by a qualified cutter, normal user is better to give preference to glass cutter with a curvilinear shape.

Features roller glass cutters

Made from extremely hard alloycobalt and tungsten rollers act as a cutting element in the tool of this type. The most popular tools with an angle of 100 ° and a roller diameter of 6.6 mm. Number of cutting rollers in various models may differ. With the increase in their number increased cut quality, but it increases the cost of the tool.

The most preferred amount rollers -4-6 pieces. By means of such a tool can cut the glass to a thickness of 7 mm. The main disadvantage of glass cutters Roller is a high speed blunt, besides it does not allow to carry out cutting thick glass.

oil glaziers

This is one of the latest types of tools. It is a simple glass cutter roller, which is equipped with the lubrication system. As a result, the friction roller is reduced, which leads to a significant increase in tool life. Due to the constant lubrication oil glass cutters move smoothly, and it improves the quality of work with them.

Through oil glass cutters can be cutCursing, the thickness of which does not exceed 20 mm. The roller has a long service life. With this new tool to cut into 5 kg of glass. Rollers and interchangeable heads.

Having considered the popular types of glass cutters, you can easily purchase the most suitable for you.

Glass Cutters: main types and features
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