Equipment (complexes) in pererbotki used tires

Today, the business of processing of secondary wasteas relevant as ever. Such a large number of secondary raw materials, which has been accumulated over the years, will last for several generations, given the inexhaustible resource of newly generated waste.

That is why solved several problems: First - we clean off our already contaminated planet, and secondly - is pretty good at it can make. On what hardware you need and what kind of waste is more profitable to process in our country, we will talk in more detail.

The most numerous of their educationthis country retreat - a worn car tires. Education worn rubber in our country, in proportion to grow from year to year and is more than two million tons, which is certainly considered to be a very large amount, both in terms of waste generation, and from the standpoint of raw material for further processing.

Methods for processing of tires.

In the world there are two main types of processing of the worn tires.

pyrolysis method - it is one and not the mostenvironmentally friendly ways of recycling tires and economically inefficient method of disposal. When processing is not that high-quality oil, which is suitable only for heating in the oven, which is why low profitability and the problem with the sale of the product produced.

The mechanical method of processing of tires - the mostcommon method of processing. This method is considered to be no waste, since this method of processing equipment tire system separates components into different components: 1. The rubber crumb, which is used for the production of rubber coatings injury prevention, plugging oil wells, the addition of the asphalt and so on. 2. The textile cord, which is used for thermal insulation of basements, cellars, concrete slabs, production of mattresses and so on. 3. Metal cord (scrap metal), which is smelted into new metal products.

Recycling of used tires into crumbs.

The method as has been said, it is believedthe most efficient both in terms of yield, and Unprofitable high demand products. The main output of the processing method - rubber crumb. Rubber crumb in demand in Russia and even the lack of it is felt today. In recent years, due to the lack of raw materials were imported and abroad a lot of crumbs.

Tire Recycling as a business.

Indeed today almost allbusiness niches are occupied. The business of recycling tires is relevant, and little available in our country. Many operating companies working on ineffective, as a rule, the Chinese equipment, resulting in increased production costs, frequent breakdowns and production is not high-quality crumb rubber. Working on the correct date equipment business profitability can be more than 100%. At each stage of processing occurs influx of money.

In the first stage of production is received tiresfor processing by legal entities, the average price of the acceptance of tires for disposal in the country is 2000 rubles. In the second stage sale of crumb rubber, the average price of crumbs in the country is 15 rubles or more per kilogram. In the third stage of earning a metal cord, which çäàåò meta base in the form of scrap metal, the average price of this metal from 2000 to 2500 rubles per ton. The last stage is a textile cord, the price of which is equivalent to the price of scrap metal. That is how we can say that this production without Waste and profitable which side do not look.

Equipment for the production of crumb rubber.

The most current, reliable and high-qualityequipment offered in our market makes the company "Alfa-SPK" is a line for recycling tires "ALFA-TIRE RECYCLING" this has proved to be on the positive side, as a reliable and high-quality equipment, producing high quality products.

What is made of rubber crumbs.

Playgrounds, kindergartens; The sports fields and tennis courts; Garden paths; Garages; And much more.

Equipment (complexes) in pererbotki used tires
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