Crane-beam and its variants

Construction crane (or bridge crane) is notand difficult as it may seem at first glance. By and large, it consists of the end of carts and flight path of the beam itself. There are manual or electric, even provides remote control. Crane-beam means more and species division. For example, you can find a support crane beam on two supporting beams, suspension or suspension on the two spans.

The above structure is widelyare used in various production work and work on the construction and lifting loads. In all cases, when weighty objects meant movement, moreover, an orientation processes may be different, as the vertical direction and in the horizontal plane.

The reference beam crane

Set this type of overhead crane directlyon the supporting structures (top). Electrical control is carried out from below the operator. In addition to the stationary panel, and provides remote management method. As seen from the practice, if necessary, several crane beams can form a single mechanism, whereby the cargo is easily moved through the space shop, and even a few shops. With convenient quickly and profitably.

Suspended overhead crane

This device is characterized by the presence of the mobilebeam, which runs for two crane tracks. Managed by electric hoist, which is in turn situated on the moving beam. Positioning and possible cargo in both the horizontal and vertical direction. On the improvement of the design performance directly affect the wheels, which are located at the ends of the mobile beams and attached directly to the rails, and those, in turn, are at the top of the plant or warehouse.

Important to remember! Load suspension bridge crane is less than five tonnes. Heavier loads are moved by cranes, which imply support structure.

It is not recommended to buy at the hands of bridge cranesby unknown sellers because in the future there may be some difficulty in numerous assembly work and installation of purchased designs. Practice has shown that all the shortcomings in this case lie on the shoulders of the buyer, and if the equipment in the sales profit flaws (marriage), they have to fix itself when setting up equipment. Therefore, to acquire new equipment is better, the issue price will be profitable already at the end of installation.

Crane-beam and its variants
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