Crane and its features

The design of the overhead crane bridge part,which moves on rails fixed on the ground and the trolley, movable along the bridge. Products can be equipped with electric or manual, have one or two beams, they can be controlled from the surface by means of a control cabin.

In turn taps 1st or beams 2are false or a reference type. In the latter case, the technique moves on rails, which are placed on the RC or steel beams. To move the suspension analogues used I-beams. Hanging device may have one, two or more spans. Crane is equipped with means of handling different types of machinery that allows us to classify products on magnetic, hook, grab and electromagnetic.

Variety of bridge cranes

The devices are equipped with different speciessuspension of cargo. It is tough and flexible, the latter used the ropes. The metallurgical cranes, which are used in the steel industry, the cargo suspension is carried out by hard. There are kolodtsevoy cranes for stripping ingots and other types. They all have a working device, inseparably bonded with a trolley through the mine, used to move the vertical columns.

The structure consists of single-beam designsI-beams. Their edges are fixed beams, which are arranged transversely, they are equipped with the special road wheels. Electric or manual hoist trolley perform the function for lifting and moving loads. If considerable spans, then the main beam amplify farms, they can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

Devices with beam 2 in the simplestperformance in the structure have a pair of parallel beams which are fixed along the edges to the transverse beams. In such constructions truck with cargo moves along the rails, they are placed on the upper belts of the main beams. If spans and high performance load that the bridge device is made of box girders or trusses lattice varieties.

Overhead cranes are both universal andSpecial steel. In the latter case, the device can be filling, priming, or mixing. Wide range of designs allow everyone to choose the one that will best meet the set requirements.

Crane and its features
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