The correct approach to the selection of an electric drill

Each household should placedischarged electric drill. This tool is simply irreplaceable and has a broad scope of use: it can be used to repair furniture, to fix a shelf or a mirror, as well as perform other types of work. In this article we consider the features of a proper approach to the choice of an electric drill.

How to choose the right device

Before you choose and buy electricDrill important to determine the volume and the types of jobs with it. If the equipment is expected to difficult operating conditions, it will be used often and a lot, then do not hesitate to purchase a professional device. Ordinary household drill when operating in such conditions very quickly come down. In ordinary suburban homes or apartments drill is not used very often, and the intense stresses to which it is subject, can not be called. Therefore, domestic varieties to satisfy the needs of most of our fellow citizens. As is known, household equipment has a smaller weight and price. However, what is more important than the aesthetic parameters - it is easy to work. When using household tools try to avoid intensive exercise, and every 15 minutes do short breaks.

In those cases where the electric drill willused in professional activities, it is better not to spare money for a professional tool - these costs will be repaid several times in the coming year.

Main specifications drills

If you want to go to the right the choice of an electric drill, try to familiarize themselves with its technical information. Particular attention to the power tool to its maximum size of holes and the number of revolutions.

To measure rev ToolIt starts idling, and based on this characteristic can be concluded its work with different kinds of materials. Remember that the rotational speed does not happen a lot, so try to make the figure was high. This is a very important feature if the work will be performed by polishing or used nozzles. In addition it is necessary to pay attention when we clean the surface to be sanded or electric drill. The result of your efforts will be a high-performance work. If desired, you can buy a tool with a turnover of 3,000 per minute, the rate in the professional models, sometimes more. Often, high speed rotation of different drills, which provide the function of impact.

Power of electric drills located inranging from 300 to 1500 watts. This important measure will help to identify the time and effort that must be applied to perform a given workload. Also it depends on the power of the optimum load on the equipment. As practice shows, the tool having a power reserve differs breadth of capability. Thus, it means there will be problems in drilling holes with large diameter. If you plan to "perforate" the tree or any soft materials, whereas the equipment with a capacity of 500 W will be enough.

Another important characteristic - isspeed control. To configure it using a special controller, which improves the functional characteristics of the equipment and the convenience of working with him. For tightening the screw to perform a better job at low revs, but the drilling of hard surfaces better to put the greatest momentum.

When working with a drill, consider the mostallowable size manufactured holes, otherwise you just slept motor. If you use the product within the established framework of the manufacturer, you can use it for a long time for their own purposes.

The construction work can oftenrequire drilling a hole in concrete or other hard material. In this case, a simple drill would be very tedious. Special devices have been created to facilitate the achievement of objectives. For example, a drill with a bang will not only perform the drilling, but also provide additional chiselling.

Impact energy - this is the main characteristicimpact drills. With the increase of this index increases the efficiency of the instrument by means of which the most impregnable walls will be successfully "taken." At the same time, for the treatment of certain types of materials must be not strong blow: if this is not done, the surface is simply broken tool. It is best in this situation to establish precision drilling mode, which is available in an electric drill with a bang.

With the help of modern drills you can performhuge inventory processes: loosen or tighten the screws, make holes in materials of various types, sanded surface, perform its polishing and shpaklevschiki will be pleased to mix the solution. We have considered the correct approach to the selection of an electric drill, which will help you choose the tool that will fully meet your needs.

The correct approach to the selection of an electric drill
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