Selecting a heat gun: practical advice

Heat gun - is special equipment,designed for ventilation, drying and heating. The device has a high versatility and gained wide popularity in our time, so it can be used in buildings for various purposes: residential, industrial, retail, office and others. In this article we consider the features of the selection electric heat gun.

Electric heat gun

These devices offer an important advantage inCompared with other kinds - for their installation is not required to obtain permits various government organizations. Moreover, such devices are highly durable and do not require additional maintenance. Most devices operate from a voltage of 380 volts, plus they can have a heating power setting, which can be up to 22 kW. Stepped launch electric heating elements allows you to set the desired heating temperature. It is often used for the manufacture of sheet metal housing. Heat guns involve the presence of overload protection, and they weigh about 26 kilograms.

It is important to understand that the use of devicesat full capacity, ensure that wiring can withstand high loads. In addition, not all objects have the ability to use the connection to 380 V. But the heat gun - it's not only the equipment that may be required to use. For example, it may be necessary to connect the compressor, air conditioner, etc. Furthermore, during operation of the heat gun is not recommended to place it next to the other thermal devices.

Some when buying a heat gun givepreference for one device, the other two devices become smaller capacity and install them in different corners of the room. This solution allows to achieve uniform heating of air and to obtain considerable energy savings. Because it can provide more uniform heating. In addition, when using low-power devices do not require approval from the relevant government authorities. If we talk about the costly part for heating the premises, then by a pair of heat guns can get the desired result.

Properly approached the question of the choice of a heat gun, you can purchase a device that will fully meet your expectations and goals for the room.

Selecting a heat gun: practical advice
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