Selection of the abrasive wheel

If you are running grinder, you will no doubt be required abrasives. The most popular consumables for this tool is grinding, cutting and grinding wheels.

There are different classifications of materials. Some of them are used for cutting different materials, with other possible to perform cleaning, grinding, polishing or removing corrosion layer. By selling some species can successfully handle various types of surface: concrete, wood, natural stone and others. We look at some recommendations selecting abrasive wheel.

How to start a choice?

At the outset it is important to read carefully thethe inscription on the abrasive material. In all the circles indicate a variety of characteristics that help you get important information. For products that meet international standards, marking indicates, through which you can get information about the materials that were used.

In the picture you can see the illustrationnatural stone, tile, concrete, metal, and others. In some circles, marked gloves image, a respirator and other protective equipment are recommended for work with them. Due to certain designations may be found that in working with the circle you want to use cooling. Marking reinforcement is used for hand tools. Abrasives intended for stationary machines are designated "C". This index will be useful when choosing circles. Consumables deposited their size: the diameter of the bore, the diameter of the circle, its thickness and the maximum speed.

Important information that can be obtained from the inscriptions

In abrasive wheels applied description of the material,which can use it to handle. Many manufacturers in the metal part of the product indicate the time during which the abrasives can be used. Be sure to vote this figure. Sometimes sales can be found on the following scanty prices is due to the expiring time of their use. When working with such abrasive products builders jeopardize their health and the health of others who are working alongside.

By selecting the abrasive article, it is important to take into accountpermissible speed of its rotation. It should always be higher than the figure for the Bulgarian. The implementation can be seen circles with a red stripe. It may be referred to Flap and Grinding, grinding, diamond and other kinds of circles. In the middle of the product may be colored band, a maximum speed range can be identified by its color.

If the strip is yellow, then the maximum speed range of 63 m / s, for the red band, this condition of 80 m / s, and for green - 100 m / s.

We analyze other characteristics

In different circles may be presentdesignations. So, thanks to the letter F can obtain information on the size of the grain, which is used for the production of abrasives, the use of other letters of the alphabet will provide information on the hardness of the material. Special connectors make it possible to connect a bunch circle material. Such links may be of the following species: ceramic - the V, bakelite with increased strength - the BF, Bakelite - in, bakelite with filling B4 graphite. By marking gets the material that is used to create circles: electrocorundum denoted by the letter A, Elbor - The silicon carbide - C, and diamond - This is D. The most popular types of abrasives.

Selection of the abrasive wheel
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