The optimal choice for jigsaws nail files

Among the tools for the construction todaywidely used electric jigsaw, allowing at all angles to make sawing Finish different materials. Through the use of certain saws can perform work on sawing wood materials, up to twelve centimeters centimeter thickness or soft steel. There are other nail files to suit your requirements for the cutting of the web material. So, what is the the optimal choice for jigsaws nail files?

First, it is worth noting that such universaltool as a jigsaw, allowing to carry out a fairly large amount of all kinds of work, you can work with the following materials: plastic blanks, plywood, laminated materials, wood (containing nails), iron sheet form, billet aluminum, cement materials, fiber and many others (this list surface).

What is the difference sawing

In addition to the distinctive types of saws in modernthis product manufacturers have their own division in the class and a specific designation. Typically, files are sized in length from seven to thirteen-odd centimeters.

Despite the huge range of saws available, allThey are divided into two main types. The first - with specifically made by molding the teeth, allowing to produce clean sawing material. The second type - definitely sharpened saw blade for cutting speed. On the packing box, or straight to the sawing itself is often a sign corresponding to the treated surface - «CUT» or «for Wood».

Nail files are made with all kinds oflocations of the teeth on the canvas, allowing it to not get stuck when cutting. different sections of the web are also used. For example, the profile with the wave of the teeth arrangement provides the ability to easily work with a variety of workpieces, and the file does not get stuck.

Profile of a group of teeth in pairs, as well as teeth with a certain step makes it possible to increase the cutting speed of the material.

What to consider when choosing a nail file

For information, it is worth noting that in many nail file is present in the tail to secure the instrument. It is very common in our time sawing with tails generic type.

First, determine with the front and goalsthe planned works. The large distance between the saw blade teeth is very effective for quick sawing materials. They are also well established in the case of sawing thick layers. On the other hand, using a nail file with a small intermediate separation of the teeth, you can count on a clean cut without burrs. With this cutting sawing sawn perfectly painted materials, since there is no need to fear for the chips on the painted surface.

Some signs and markers on sawing

Fabricated using modern sawingvery high quality materials. On the packing box indicate some notation material used in the issuance of the bundled products. For example, the abbreviation «HSS» means that the saw blade made of HSS-type tool. Basically, these saws are used for the implementation of the work on hard workpieces and materials (steel, aluminum and workpieces of different non-ferrous metals). If applied on the canvas sawing abbreviated «HCS», the set is made from high carbon content steel. Jig manufacturing such commonly used when working with materials that do not have high hardness, for example - chipboard, rubber blanks, fiberboard, wood materials, plastics and others. With regard to the saw blade is manufactured using durable alloys, they are marked "TM / TC" and largely used when working with strong abrasive materials: tile, steel, fiberglass, and the like.

If the saw blade was made taking into account thecombining both types of «HSS» and «HCS», it is indicated that «BiM» token. This technology led to the creation of bimetallic saws with different strength and flexibility. Advantages of these saws are the ability to process any material and perform rapid sawing.

The optimal choice for jigsaws nail files - The key to your success and high-qualityoperation. Picking up in advance the necessary kind of nail files to the task, you will greatly facilitate your work and enjoy working. As to the saw blade, it will last a long time without losing their quality, efficiency and productivity. In some areas with jigsaw sawing of good material, it can give a lot more features than hand saw or a hacksaw.

The optimal choice for jigsaws nail files
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